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Strava app is no longer receiving workouts from Jabra Sport LIfe app. Are there any articles for troubleshooting this issue?



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  • I have the same problem, works for endomondo, but difficult to find any information about this integration.

  • I have the same problem.  Any comment from the devs?

  • I contacted Jabra with no success. Was advised to contact my phone's manufacturer (Samsung). I think this is poor advice, as it's not up to the device manufacturer to support the phone's OS (Android), nor support/troubleshoot third-party applications (Jabra integration with Strava).

  • I've been through a whole fault finding thing with Jabra.  They got me to try lots of different fixes, but so far haven't managed to solve the issue.

  • Jabra just emailed me to say they're still looking into my case and expect to have more information later this week.  I'll post when I hear something.

  • I tried several things with Jabra Team but it does not fix the issue. I install the Jabra App on two phones and it is the same result - It works with endomondo but not Strava.

    I am almost sure now the issue is more on Strava side

  • I've found kind of a workaround, which is just that you can simultaneously start both the Jabra app and the Strava app recording.  My Jabra doesn't share heart rate info with Strava, but then I don't have Strava premium, which I think might be required for recording heart rate data.  The result of no heart rate data going to Strava is that the two recordings produce slightly different results in terms of times and calories, but that's not that big of a deal for me.

  • As the sync with Endomondo is working, I am using the export function in endomondo in GPX format then Import the file in Strava.
    Then it keeps also the heartrate.
    When strava will make an update?
    I will give the address of this post to Jabra team.

  • Have not received a response to date from Strava.

    While Jabra responded, the results were fruitless. 

    I sincerely hope this issue can be resolved.

  • I just open a request to the Strava support Team ! Let's see ..

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