Discrepancy synching from Samsung Smartwatch into Strava

Hi. I've noticed that when the running data from my Samsung SmartWatch gets synched into Strava, Strava usually records the run as a much shorter period of time. I rarely stop on my runs, perhaps slowing down to cross roads, but never stop. There can be 3-4 minutes difference on a 4 minute run, and 1-2 minutes difference on a 2.2 mile run. 

This weekend I ran with some family members (together all of the time). My watch logged pretty much the same time/distance as my brother-in-law logged when we compared watches at the end of the run. When his run appeared in Strava it appeared as expected. When mine appeared in Strava, it was 2.5 minutes shorter...

It seems that Strava somehow always interprets the Samsung data incorrectly and speeds up my pace! 

Is there a way to improve this?



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