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Getting very frustrated by estimated power on Strava. I have some friends on here that have no estimated power readings whatsoever and I'd love to figure out how to do this!. At first I thought that it was the lack of bike indicated on the ride as you can see here:

Then I realized that there was another friend of mine with no power data that HAD a bike listed as you can see here:

There's also pros that have to power data listed as well:

I tried changing my weight to zero (Strava uses rider weight, bike type & weight and GPS data to estimate power) but that's not possible. I also tried changing the bike weight to zero and thats also not possible. Am I missing something? All I know that the estimated power feature is very inaccurate. I used to have a power meter that was MUCH more accurate as well and I just want to find a way to turn this feature off. Tried Strava support but they just kept giving me the run around and had no real answer



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  • Don't auto upload the ride/activity. Then go in and edit the power data out.

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  • Agreed, estimated power is garbage.  It needs to go away.

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  • Garmin should have a feature as it does for elevation, to "correct" elevation.  For power, a user can choose RAW data from their power meter, or choose strava estimation...   Heck, make this a feature in profile, so users can default to their choosing..  

    Yes STRAVA's estimated power is garbage, not nearly accurate from a power meter.  

    I think it is also manufacturer-specific if you are on anything but GARMIN or WAHOO, STRAVA uses the RAW data.  but if you are using a GARMIN or WAHOO, your numbers will be changed to reflect strava's estimation...

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