Samsung Health not sync with Strava



I have a samsung gear S3 which was synchronising absolutely fine with strava before.. But recently, everytime I go for a run/any other activity it does not sync with strava.

I have contacted Samsung Health as well.

Could you help?





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  • I´ve had regular problems in the past months as well. My activities are recorded in Sansung Health through my Samsung Watch OK. it begun taking a few days to sync to Strava Mobile app, then weeks. Now it´s been a month with no sync, I have been importing .gpx files to Strava this last month. 


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  • I'm having the same problem as well on my last 2 runs.

    The first came through after about an hour. Today I'm still waiting after 3 hours.

    Has anyone come up with an answer?

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  • Mine seems to work again when I go to and resync

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  • I pay for Stava and it has stopped the sync with my Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch Samsung health. I've now downloaded the strava app. The text on the app is too small and its to hard to see when training. Really poor.

    The strava watch app is not for me, and strava has pulled the plug on Samsung. Dark days for Steava

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