Strava app adding miles at start of run

So I have been using the strava app on my Galaxy watch for some time without any issues. latley though its been acting very funny. it got to the point where it would just shut off half way through a run( extreamly annoying) but it reset the watch and redownled the app, that problem went away, but now whenever i start a run about .5 miles into my run i look at my watch and is for whatever reason has already added 2.78 miles on to my run. Its done that twice, extreamly annoying.

Has anyone else expierinced this?



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  • Yes it happened to me the other day.  I ran 14km in total; when I got to the halfway point it said 14km when it should have only been 7.  When I finished the run, my watch said 21km (and a ridiculously low average pace).  When I uploaded the run to my phone, it said 14km but had 21 splits. This has only happened to me once but there have been a raft of other issues since the most recent update. 

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  • What device do you use to run with. I have a Samsung galaxy smartwatch.

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