Galaxy Watch - 2 issues with incorrect data

I use my Galaxy watch to record my mountainbike rides but a couple of things don't make sense to me.

1. The average power consumption is far to high. I average about 490 watts according to strava (during a 1 hour and 20 minute ride where I did about 28km with no significant elevation). The real value should be more around 180 watts. Energy output is way to high as well, so are the burned calories.

2. While on a ride, the avg speed shown on the watch is wrong. I just did a ride today and clocked 20 km's in about 58 minutes and the watch showed an avg speed of 18.5 km/h. After syncing strava does show the right avg speed.

Anyone else having these problems or better yet, a solution?



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  • Having similar issue with recording a run: speed shown on the watch is significantly different (about 1 minute/mile) different that what gets synced to the app.

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