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Pecision in creating segments seems to have been lost ?

I created an activity yesterday and used it to created several segments via the website.  This worked the same way it has for the last couple of years - I zoomed in and used the "forward" and "back" buttons to move the start and finish points of the segments with a precision of about 5 meters.  So far so good.

Today I used the same activity to create a couple more segments but now the same method moves the start and finish points by 50 to 100 metres with each click, even with a high degree of zoom, making it difficult to have appropriate start/finish for the segments.

I don't see how the underlying data in the activity could have changed and I suspect maybe a change in the website has caused the loss of precision (the font and map look a little different).  Any the changes deliberate ? (If so, can we go back to how they were before with the higher precision).  Otherwise the app continues to be excellent !





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