XIAOMI Mi Band 4 altitude

I found the solution regarding the altitude problem with our XIAOMI Mi Band 4.

As many know, when we use our Mi 4 with Amazfit app (in order to export our activities to Strava) the altitude is missing.

The solution I propose is the following:

  • During your activity, run both Amazfit and Strava app on your smartphone and at the end of the activity upload the two results to Strava.
  • Open Strava on your notebook browser and export the data following this article(TCX export):
  • use gotoes to combine the files
  •   upload the two files
  •   click to download
  •   and now watch out!
  •     for the file generated by Amazfit select only "Heart Rate and Cadence"
  •     for the file generated by Strava select "Position and Elevation"
  •     Output File Format: GPX
  •     GPS Type in Output File: Strava Android App (in my case)
  •     Keep All Trackpoints
  •     finally click on the big button
  • Return to Strava
    •   DELETE the two activities
    •   Upload the generated GPX file

The downside is that you will lose all the kudos and comments on those two activities …

Let mi konw if it works!!!



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