Recorded tines different to audio cues

I've been using strava for a couple of years to track my runs. I've also used audio cues and these have always agreed with the completed split paces ince I've completed and saved the ring. However in the last couple of weeks the recorded splits are totally different to what I'm actually running. I'm averaging 9 mins a mile but the split pace is showing around 11 mins! Can anyone shed any light on this please?


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  • Yep - I've been seeing the same issues since late January. Strava activities logged on Android are messed up. pace is slow (2min per k), and overall elapsed time (on the analysis graph)  shows 20m longer (on a hour run) than I actually spent out there.
    Then - in my last run, pace was again slow, elapsed time was correct , but I'd lost 2km from distance.

    I also run with a Polar watch for HR - and generally merge the Polar data with the Android data to get the HR on the Android activity (since the Polar's GPS is a little less accurate than my phones). However, since January, the watch-recorded activities have been way more accurate than the phone.

    I logged a support ticket with Strava two weeks ago. They replied "Our team is looking into an issue with some Android devices recording inaccurate GPS timestamps", and   "We appreciate your continued patience while our engineers actively work on resolving the issue. We are recording all reports we receive from our athletes about this so you can be assured that the bug has been logged and tracked....We hope to have this resolved soon but at this moment in time I cannot offer a timeframe for when the update will be released. Please check back on future application updates."


    So - looks like it's only affecting some Android phones - mines a OnePlus 6 - but for me, the Android data is useless.

  and maybe appear to be the same issue.


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