I need two accounts on one device (droid)

I need two accounts!!! (or a "Group Ride" vs "Solo/ITT" selection before "START" on every ride)

I do not want to include group rides with my Solo times...

faster group rides (because of drafting) are too inconsistent for me but it would be nice to have a group strava so i can compare over beers after the ride. 

Now, i only track closed circuit, solo routes to minimize wind and all other factors as much as possible

Strava, please add this feature or allow us to have two accounts on every device.

I dont care if people lie, cheat or steal their KOM's using battery power, drafting, cars,etc... i only care about being honest with myself. so far, i have not been able to strava any of my group rides.

PREFERRED SOLUTION: Group or Solo selection prior to START

ALTERNATE SOLUTION: allow us all to have a "Solo" account PLUS an independent "Group" account.  I have two emails i could use but i see no LOGOUT link on the strava droid app to select my other email for the "Rob GrouRide" account (Vs my "Rob Solo/TT" account i already use)




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