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Display real workout pace and time; don't guess how long I stopped for.

I just want to see my actual elapsed workout time, and therefore, my actual pace, without having to set every workout as a race. The feature is clearly implemented, it just needs to be relabeled, or made default. Displaying a guesstimation of my elapsed time and pace serves no purpose other than to inflate ego. Not asking for anything fancy here; just display the raw data. You don't need a team to turn off the algorithm used to misrepresent our workouts. Data is data. Display it. This is long overdue. You might get my money if you can actually pull this one off. 



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    As of February 20, 2020, we will now show moving time and elapsed time, as well as pace based on elapsed time, on the mobile activity analysis screen for all activity types. We will continue to highlight moving-time-based pace in the main activity feed because we believe moving time is a more accurate measure of how long an athlete was active. 

    Athletes still have the ability to tag activities as races, which will show elapsed time instead of moving and use elapsed time for average pace and splits. Runs in which athletes pause/unpause their devices will also continue to respect the time that the device was unpaused as the moving time.

    For more about moving time, speed, and pace calculations, see Moving Time, Speed, and Pace Calculations

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