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View "training log" or more visual calendar of someone you follow

This is something I appreciated about other services, but is frustrating to do on strava. When looking at my own multi-week or multi-month build ups, I check out the training log view for a better summary. Strava is amazing for small snapshots in time from those that you follow, but it's hard to get a clearer picture into density or training load for someone you follow using the current view features of others' profiles. 

This would be useful not only to keep tabs on a buddy or someone you try to emulate, but also for those that you might coach. The color coding for "workout" or "long run" and the biking equivalents are another great feature for easy visual data that is so useful for yourself, but cannot be seen by others yet.

It seems like this would be a relatively easy feature to develop compared to other requests, as the structure is already alive and well within our personal dashboards.

I don't see how this could be a privacy concern either - there could be a simple toggle switch to keep that particular feature private, if need be.



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    By default, your training log is private. You can make your training log public if you’d like to share it with your friends or coach. For more information please see Training Log Privacy Controls.

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