Why are Yoga Sessions not transferred from Samsung Health to Strava?

There is an option to manually enter Yoga workouts in Strava - so I guess Yoga is a Strava supported Sports Activity.
Why does the SHealth-Strava Synchronization exclude these workouts that I track with my Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch which end up in Samsung Health including calories burnt and Heart Rate data.

Would be great to have them in Strava as well, but entering them manually, without HR data, is not feasible... we're not in 2010 anymore...



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  • Wow I noticed it get even worse....

    When you do decide to enter your yoga sessions manually to Strava, they actually get synced back to SHealth.

    So in SHealth they end up being double causing a mess... I'm SHealth you'll find the original, tracked by the smartwatch, and the synced one that was entered manually in Strava...

    This is a HUGE mess...

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