Feed won't load over wifi

Hi. I'm consistently experiencing the app not loading the feed over wifi. Just get the swirling arrows and app just sits there. Switch to 4G and feed loads fine. My wifi is fine and actually faster than my 4g connection in the house. Anyone else experiencing similar? It's the only app that is doing it... everything else is working fine over wifi.

Im running beta... but don't know where else to post this. 



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  • Do you use Adguard ? If yes whitelist Strava

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  • I have a few Android Apps that do not work on Wifi (or just go super slow) but do work on 4G.
    I fixed this by changing my router Wifi security settings

    Network Authentication is set to WPA2-PSK
    WPA/WAPI Encryption was set to AES 
    Changed this to TKIP+AES, reset the Router and suddenly all Android Apps are working OK

    I have no idea why Orcon would send me a new Router set only to AEP

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