Almost perfect, just some issues

This app is probably in the top 3 best Android apps I've seen (any category). It's also incredibly battery efficient. But it's not perfect:


  • When recording an activity and in Map view, when the screen turns off the map zoom gets resetted and it loses focus on our position. This defeats the purpose of Routes, since it's hard to recenter and rezoom the map while running/riding everything we wanna see the route.


  •  Which leads to a second issue: the recenter button is too small to be hit easily while moving.


  • The arrow on the blue dot supposed to indicate our orientation is never correct. Really never.


  • Autopause for running is pretty inaccurate, seems it uses only physical activity sensor, and not also the gyroscope. Leads to wrong measurement.


  • Overall UI looks nice but relies too much on vertical scrolling instead of horizontal one (tabs). Inside of the main categories you often have very long scroll screens, which makes the UI messy and hard to read for new users. Secondary tabs would help. Or make every category collapsable (arrow on the right of titles) and collapsed by default so the user gets an overview.



  • Would be nice to still have some pace info displayed at the top of the map in map view, under status bar.


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