Outdoor Intervals

Would anyone else find the following useful?  Can this currently be done on Strava? 

In the last ~8 months TR released a new feature that gives you the option to perform your indoor workout outside.  (To make it easier to find a route that fits the workout, they simplify the intervals somewhat.) 

So, I'm now often looking for a road segment that is say 0.5 miles in length with an average gradient of 2% with a standard deviation of no greater than X.  Or, a segment of 1.2 miles with an average gradient of 1% with a standard deviation of no greater than Y.  I currently use Google Maps for this but of course there is no indication there of the segment's gradient variance.  When I get to that segment of road, I start my intervals, going up for the effort then soft pedaling back down during the rest period then back up.  Rinse and repeat per the TR instructions shown on my Garmin Edge head unit.

The feature I want is to have Strava search my local area for segments that meet  specifications related to length, average gradient and consistency.



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