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It would be nice if I could see all of the workouts I do in a week on the training log.  I'm a multi-sport athlete, one who doesn't limit the "multi" part to running, biking, and swimming.  All of my strength/ski/other workouts only appear as XT on the log and don't count towards weekly hour totals in the log.  This is deceptive to training volume, and could lead to over training and burnout.  Yes, I can add it up on my own, or use the calendar function to do my totals, but the manual effort is a pain in the behind.  It would be super swell to see this in the log.


Also, and this is far less important (and probably way harder) the fitness and freshness algorithm does not work well for gym workouts.  My "fitness"level on the strava app has steadily declined over the past year (some of that was injury time admittedly).  However, I am, without a doubt, more fit than I was at this time last year.  The difference is that my running volume has decreased but my weight program has taken a step-up.  Anyway, just a heads up.



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  • Yeah, just what I came here for 😊

    Although I run and ride (but not swim), too, am I doing a lot other sports beside that.
    I'm happy, that I'm able to track that with Strava, but it always feels a bit inferior to the "real sports" Strava supports.

    I won't call myself athlete, but I have been addicted to sports or just to move myself my whole life.
    Especially as I'm constantly getting injured if I only focus on running or riding, I need to train my muscles separately to avoid that - as every biker or runner should, I think.

    I just came here to point out that it can be disencouraging to do other sports when Strava is the chosen "one and only place to keep record". It feels like doing inferior sports when not riding/running/swimming.

    A badge for investing adequate time in stretching or black rolling or yoga ie - "preparing sports" or "regeneration sports" like I call them would help everybody to do their riding and running more healthy.

    And no, the fitness and freshness algorithm is not that less important over all workouts. I can't use this informations, when not all of my exercises are included properly. Yoga or a long walk would refresh me probably. Strength workouts not.

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  • YES! Please make strava friendly for ALL workouts, not just swim/bike/run.

    I would LOVE for strength, Yoga, etc. to be featured more prominently.

    Strava could easily allow users to pick their top displayed workout types, or maybe just automatically pull the top 3, 5, etc. to be featured.

    Thanks for the consideration Strava! Really appreciate it!

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  • Fantastic just what I am trying to get. 

    I am a walker... cannot run due to knee injury. Everyday I do a long walk, and am training for something particular however this is not noted in the main section. 

    I have a premium account yet have now cancelled as this is not useful if there is only assistance for the run/bike/swim. 


    If we can individually edit the display that would be fantastic then we can see the progress of ourselves but also the people we follow. 

    Please strava make this more user friendly 

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  • I miss my favorite activities in my weekly training log. Thats why I cancelled my premium account. Please strava make this more user friendly. Thank you! 

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