Stopwatch mode for indoor activities

I appreciate that you have added indoor activities to the Apple Watch app, but I am not a fan of how they are implemented. For indoor running, it tries to guess the distance like the native workout app, and both are grossly inaccurate at times. For indoor ride, it just tracks time and heart rate with no distance estimation at all. I think having a simple stopwatch type mode for both types of activities where we can see the current heart rate while working out, but then have the option to enter the distance run or rode at the end of the workout would be very easy to implement and of huge benefit. I know exactly how far I ran or rode, it is shown on the treadmill or bike screen. If I decide to enter the activity manually, it doesn’t always count for challenges and I want to be able to see my active heart rate while working out. I hope this request makes sense to all, thanks.



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