Resting HR & Strava's Heart Rate Zones?

Hi, new subscriber here so apologies if I'm reinventing the wheel (or just don't know how the heart rate zones feature works yet).

I can see that I can manually enter my max HR, which is good. However, there is no option for me to enter my resting HR, which must screw the results? (I have a low resting HR, which is usually between about 45 & sometimes (but rarely) reaches the heady heights of 50.

Can Strava add the option to enter resting HR as well as max HR please?

Thank you.



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  • Good idea. 

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  • HR zones are based on a percentage of the maximum heart rate, not on a percentage of the difference between resting and maximum heart rate.

    At the moment there is no need for it on Strava other than to display it. If Strava move in to sleep tracking then yes.

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