Weekly intensity guidance is unhelpful / misleading - always "Below weekly range"

No matter how I train Strava's weekly intensity training guidance always tells me my intensity is below weekly range.

The problems is that it compares a partial current week to an average from previous weeks which is calculated based on full 7 days of week. A significant part of my training is done on Saturdays and Sundays - the last two days of week. So sum of relative effors from the first 2, 3, 4, or even 5 days of any week is guaranteed to be well below the average even if in reality the progress exceeds the previous weeks. 

For example, in the current week my relative efforts for the first two days were 12 and 43 - see the screenshot below.
That is better than 11 and 15 for the same two days last week. That is also better than 9 and 23 for the same two days two weeks ago. So it is misleading to tell me that my activity level was lighter than average. That isn't true.

Perhaps the comparison should be done against the same number of days in the past. Or alternatively, the comparison could be based on the last 7 rolling days.



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