SOM - Statesman of Mountain 55+ Biking

My request is having a KOM title for 55+ bikers. My suggestion for this title would be SOM - Statesman of Mountain 



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  • I support that.   I know Strava is working on enhancement and I saw that Mountain Bikers had request for better accuracy of Calorie burn, etc vs road riding from many years back.   Are they adding something here, or did I miss a feature?


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  • There should be a KOM in every age category on Strava. I find that being pitted against younger 20- 30 year olds that have got all the local KOM's hard going and will never get a look in. After all Strava is encouraging us to upload age details and this would help by awarding KOM's at each level. It's a case of age discrimination if you ask me.

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