Long straight line error in map

Pretty much every ride I go on these days will have a huge error in the map with a random long straight line off into the wilderness.


Today's 10km ride has an additional few lines totalling 5km which makes the entire ride mapping pointless.


Is there any way admin can go in and manually edit this if you're not going to allow us the ability to do it?


No point in me continuing on and paying for the app if not.



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  • This happens to me every once in a while.  Happened yesterday (Aug. 19) and Aug. 5.

    Totally invalid numbers.  I am done with Strava.  Too many issues too often.

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  • Are you on a oneplus phone? I've had this issue daily since getting an OxygenOS update on the 26th Feb this year. Strava now essentially useless for me now.

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