Samsung Health not syncing from strava (3+ days)

for the past 6+ months I've been using strava to collect all training.  These exercises then sync from Strava to samsung health.  Typically it would take 1 minute to 8+ hrs.  

For the past 3 days May 29 on no activities are passing over.  (running, biking, peloton, etc...)  

All training is still in strava but want it in Samsung Health for other reasons.  

Tried fixes:

  • disconnected strava from samsung health
  • revoked access in strava to samsung health
  • reconnected strava to samsung health
  • done this three + times

Data still not syncing from the 29th through today.  Any health appreciated.  

Phone:  Note 10+ 5G

Watch Garmin 945

Strava:  summit member





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