Any way to get data off the watch after Strava says it has synced?

I did a virtual race on Sunday where I have run the course and need to upload my time and splits.

After the 5km run, i stopped the time on my watch and then went to look at the log, but accidentally started another run. Went to stop it and got the message to say that the run was too short to save and did I want to delete. Instead of deleting cos I was fearful it would delete my run, I just kept the strava app running on my watch as I walked back to my car (and my phone), stopped the app and then went to the log to sync.

It only synced my walk back, not my race time. The race time is there on my watch, but it doesn't give any details. The watch tells me all my activities have synced, but obviously this one didn't. It never appeared on my phone. I did not delete it.

Is there a way to sync again?? Or get the data off my watch?? (Samsung Gear S3)

I've submitted a ticket with Strava in hope that they can see my details in the watch, but my time needs to be uploaded by the end of this week and I'm not sure they'll get back to me in time.

I don't have time to drive out to the course and do it all again :(



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