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  • Hello, would it be possible for you not only to count the virtual rides in your own cycling challenges, but also with the ebike. Specifically, I mean the 400km a month challenge, or 50km in a row. Those are your own challenges and you can't win anything. I see that as a motivation for Ebike cyclists too. There are enough people among your subscribers who, like me, cannot travel longer distances or climb higher without an electric drive for health reasons. Unfortunately, these individuals are currently excluded from Strava challenges. You can only attend the general ones like Le Col. I think it would be good if Strava's 50 km in a row challenge and Strava's 400 km a month challenge were expanded to include the e-bike segment.

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  • Please add "velomobile" as an activity that counts towards the cycling distance challenges.

    Yes, a velomobile is more efficient than a regular bicycle, but so is a recumbent (or a triathlon bike). And it is still a cycling activity. Besides, indoor cycling already counts and from my experience the distance reported by a trainer is way more than I would be able to ride with the same duration/power outdoors.

    I don't care about leaderboards, but these challenges motivate me to shoe-horn in "just another" ride to reach a monthly goal.

    The alternative is to record rides with a velomobile as a normal ride, but this will likely p*ss off people  for taking their KOM, plus it makes filtering your past activities harder.

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  • Jason Frank 🇺🇸 It is not possible to create self-serve, club-based, or private Challenges at this time. We appreciate the feedback and will be sure to share it with the appropriate product team. 

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  • Update 6/21/2021: We've recently launched a Group Challenge feature which allows you to create challenges with your friends!

    For more information please see:


    Due to the great demand on Challenges, we are unable to accommodate requests for self-serve, club-based, or private Challenges at this time. As of now, Challenges are only run in conjunction with Strava and are done in partnership with endemic and global brands in running or cycling.

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