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  • This is a proper corker…
    When you post a ride as commute, when the ride is analysed it would be great to put how much fuel (petrol or diesel) you have saved, and the cost.
    You would need to enter your car MPG and local fuel price.
    Then you could a, feel smug and b, justify that new bike.
    You could also have carbon saved.
    Also great to calculate exact carbon savings in city’s by bikes to give local govt the push to get more cycling infrastructure.

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    Group rides should be separate on leaderboards to solo rides. It is totally demotivating to achieve a QOM/KOM to have it smashed by a rider sat doing nothing in a fast moving group. Anyone can sit in a pack and draft!!

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  • A friend of mine has the same screen on their phone as Maxime as above but I can still see all the leader boards on my phone. Are there different versions of the app?? We both have the latest updates from the Apple App Store.

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  • on the segment leader board, particularly on the 'today' leader board it would be cool if along with the date you put the time of day.   there are days when winds change significantly and the morning riders have a much different experience than the afternoon riders had on the same segment on the same day. 

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  • I run with a stroller. Could you add that as a category (along with running, walking etc)? And it would also be super fancy (and rewarding) if it would be possible to specify the weight of the stroller (including children, groceries, dogs and what not).


    Edit: sorry if this is not the correct thread.

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  • I don't know if the idea has already been submitted or not. During a training run with friends, we were taking 2-3 segments and we had this thought.
    Why should we fight for segments against people who are not in the same category as us? And why should we set unattainable records for some people?

    As we continued our race we had this thought. In all sports, even running, competitions are done by level. But not yet on Strava.

    So an idea came to us. Why not make the system similar to what we see in many video games. Rankings by category (Diamond 1, Diamond 2 [...], Bronze 1, Bronze 2) with a proper language that Strava would create. Records/segments that also belong to these categories. Category changes according to our monthly, quarterly or yearly statistics and our records in competition.
    This would probably allow us to grow more via the application by setting goals that correspond to us and that are not at the level of the best runner in our region.
    Of course, we could also keep the "all time record" side. But I think that a development of this kind of functionality could allow many of us to find an additional interest in running virtually with/against each other.

    Feel free to tell me what you think about it and if you have other ideas to add, I'm interested :).

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  • Just thought of something that is useful for all commuters (like me): I'm trying to find the most efficient route between two places. For this, it would be very useful to see my average cruise speed. For example, today I cycled to work and my average speed was 38.8 km/h, but I saw it well above 40 km/h on a number of sections. Whether this was a fast route or not however, depends very much on the weather conditions (temperature, wind etc.). 

    I know that I was cruising between 48 and 50 km/h a good number of times, but it would be valuable to see my average cruise speed (based on a number of variables, f.e. "cruise speed is achieved on straight sections after x seconds").

    If I ride a different route this afternoon, and manage 37.5 km/h average but my cruise speed is only 42 km/h, it's possible to make a good estimation of what route is more efficient, especially if my average power is also significantly lower than it was on the ride to work in the morning.

    Quite useful information: It can tell me to choose a longer but more efficient route if I'm late but feeling very strong, or a longer but more efficient route when I'm feeling particularly spent (to avoid acceleration).

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  • @William O: if you live in the northern hemisphere-now is the ideal time to enjoy MTB night rides. Try it if you can!

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  • Can you PLEASE add segments and all of the segment achievements to E-bike rides?  I’ve been a paid subscriber for 2 years and it’s frustrating that I can’t see my segments!  Most of the time I’m not even worried about the leaderboard, but would like to view certain areas of the trail.  Seriously, E-bikes are riders too!  Why can’t we have our own leaderboards?!!!  Obviously this isn’t just my opinion - there are other posts mentioning the same thing!  In order to view segments we have to change our activity to ride instead of e-bike ride and then we get called out for messing up all of the regular riders achievements!

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  • Million dollar idea for a new competition statistic: Kinetic Energy

    Problem (for runners): All competitive running is measured based on time alone, which privileges tiny runners. This is discriminatory toward larger bodied individuals. Attempts to make bigger people feel included in the sport - such as the creation of "Clydesdale" divisions - really just segregate bigger people into an inferior and socially stigmatized subcategory, still based on time alone. This discourages participation from larger people, leading to negative health outcomes.

    Problem (for Strava): You will quickly run out of new subscribers if you only appeal to semi-pro runner types. For long term growth, you need to attract people of all sizes and abilities.

    Solution: The creation of a new competition statistic (NOT a wellness or training statistic) that measures the average kinetic energy of a runner over a specific running segment. A second statistic, which adjusts kinetic energy based on BMI (a measure of "kinetic energy density"), is also possible. Since kinetic energy is a statistic based on both speed and weight, it can give credit to (and encourage motivation in) larger runners.

    Basic Newtonian physics defines kinetic energy (KE) as 1/2 mass times velocity squared (KE = 1/2mv^2). Since Strava segments are spatially established, KE can be calculated for every runner on every Strava segment simply using Strava's existing segment time data (velocity = average speed on a segment) along with runner weights (mass = weight). Strava possesses the data right now to establish KE as a third leaderboard stat (along with fastest time and local legends) on every running segment.

    A fourth leaderboard stat, kinetic energy density (KED) or "bulbosity", can also be derived by starting with body mass index calculations, which is simply mass divided by height squared. Here, KED would be calculated by simply dividing existing KE by height squared, since mass is already included as a main factor in KE (KED = KE/h^2). This can also be calculated immediately using Strava's existing data.

    My personal experience as a Clydesdale champion should be highly instructive for Strava. I am a 250 pound, 5'11" runner who defies expectations by finishing generally in the top 25% of most segments by time (and I am #1 in my weight class on every segment I've ever run). Yet most normal runners do not think I am a runner, or that I belong at racing events (often people assume I'm a t-shirt table volunteer) - which, at times, has discouraged me from participation. I started calculating my KE stats for specific segments (on a track, on flat pavement, on hilly dirt, etc.) and found that, for longer, tougher segments, I am sometimes #1 on a hypothetical KE leaderboard (calculated by comparing my KE to the KOM on a segment, using the median value in their weight class as an approximation of their weight). Plus, since my KE would be the same as another taller runner with identical time and weight, but with 6 more inches of height and stride length, KED calculations correct for body shape - and even more often elevate me as #1. If Strava included KE and KED as competition measures, I would be more excited and motivated, and I have some big boy friends who would be as well.

    If you want to see these stats in practice, check out some of my strava posts over the past few months in which I calculated KE compared to the KOM in the description section. These little experiments proved to me that not only does KE allow me to actually compete for top spots in a leaderboard, but the stat itself produces leaderboards with a lot of movement - for example, just a few more pounds (at the same average segment time) would elevate me to a higher position, while a KOM time that improves by only a few seconds would elevate their position. It allows real competition between different sized runners, which is motivating, fun, and a new thing for runners to think about.

    Strava recently removed the ability to see other users' weight classes, so I can no longer calculate approximate KE for my runs. So I strongly encourage Strava to add these stats ASAP! 

    When these stats are added, encouraging rapid growth in Strava users and better health outcomes for plus sized individuals, I hope you will at least cite me - and consider signing me as the world's first sponsored kinetic energy athlete!



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  • "Achievement" is actually a subjective term.

    To some it is simply getting out and walking a mile, to others it is cycling longer than they have ever been before, to others it will be making that 10th rep up that hillside that makes their legs scream for rest and for some it is getting back from a chronic injury.

    To ignore ALL of that and simply say say " didn't go faster than Johnny Boy Whats-his-name" did on that section" (especially when he targets that segment as he is 'like-fishing') is to demean everyone that is following a structured plan.

    Running with a HRM to stay below your MAFF threshold for 2 hours? That will be dismissed over Johhny Boy's 5 minute blast.

    Sort this out.

    A true achievement is setting a specific target and hitting it.  Not just swinging your d*** faster than Johnny Boy.

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