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12 commenti
  • Bonjour,

    j'ai tenté de testé les challenge de groupe aujourd'hui...

    Au bout de 5 minutes et plus de 4 ou 5 bug ou incoherence, j'ai laissé tombé.

    Le premier, si l'on veut creer un challenge de celui qui fait le plus de D+ ou de distance sur une periode, comme c'est indiqué lors de la création, ce n'est pas possible. Nous sommes obligé de mettre un oobjectif ( par exemple 1500 d+ ou 50 km)
    incoherent s'il n'y a pas de limite...
    Comme nous sommes obligé d'en mettre, si par exemple nous créons un challenge de la plus grande distance sur une année, la distance maximum que nous pouvons mettre est 2001 km...
    Alors c'est beaucoup, mais certains de mes amis font 8000 km par an....

    Je ne parle pas des bug sur certaine page qui ne sont pas traduite ou dont la langue est le russe.
    Ni du fait que ce n'est pas possible d'y accéder depuis le site, mais seulement à partir de l'appli, que c'est limité a 24 coureurs ( ben si on est un club ou nu groupe de 30, voir plus... ben ce n'est pas possible).
    Nous ne recevons aucune notification en cas de refus ou d'acceptation du défi par les coureurs invités ( d'ailleurs je pense que les coureurs concernés ne reçoivent pas de notification suite a une invitation)

    Bref c'est très décevant de lancer une mise à jour qui n'est pas aboutit.

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  • We would like the group challenge to have a cumulative total. We set our target as a group not as individuals. No objection to the leaderboard but would also like the running total. 🏃🏻🏃‍♀️😀

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  • I want the possibility to invite people to my challenge via a link. It will allow me to share it with my club easily, without invitating everyone one by one. But I just read that it's limite to 24 people, so the feature is unfortunately useless. 100 would be the minimum to make interesting. Also, not being able to access my challenge on my browser is surprisingly annoying.

    Thanks for the efforts, but as mentionned in a previous comment, that can't be your final product.

    I hope it'll be improved very soon.

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  • I would also like to have cumulative challenge. I would like to team up with my family and have us go to a goal together. It feels like every social/community feature is competitive. I think competition is fine but a few cooperative features would be nice.

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  • Hello

    I have a club profile of which I'm the admin. It would be great if I could create challenges within my club for my clubmates and I to compete on, rather than just inviting people I'm friends with. Some of the challenges are also not accessible for cycling, just running. 


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  • No clue how to create a public "challenge" or can only a Strava admin do that?  There is a big group on Facebook for "Stop Soldier Suicide" 250 miles in July.  Would love to get this on Strava, 10.8K members in the group in FB. 

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  • C. Ciri

    Thank you for your interest in hosting a Strava Challenge. As of now, Challenges are only run in conjunction with Strava and are done in partnership with endemic and global brands in running or cycling.

    However, we have released Group Challenges where athletes can challenge their friends. You can find more information here.

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  •  I want to be able to find group challenges on the desktop version of the website. It will allow me to share a direct link on my website and social media. The reason that is important is because I want to grow my group. An example of when I needed that was today when I created a challenge in the app, but can't find it on the website.

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  • I would like the challenges leaderboards (not just group challenges but also Strava challenges) for running challenges to be based on elapsed pace, not moving pace. It used to be this way, but I see it now shows moving pace, which is not as much of a challenge.

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  • How do I edit a group challenge I've created? 


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  • Darryl Perry Group Challenges are currently only available on the Mobile App, but we appreciate your feedback. I'll pass this along to our Product Team.

    Chris Russell currently you can only edit the Title, Description, and users invited. As well as delete the challenge. Please follow these steps to edit:

    Using our mobile app:

    1. Go to the Group tab
    2. Select the Group Challenge you would like to edit
    3. Click on the 3 dots in the upper right-hand corner of the screen ...
    4. Challenge Settings Screen

    This will take allow you to:

    • Update the participants
    • View the challenge guidelines as well as the qualifying activities
    • Edit the Name and Description of the challenge
    • Delete Challenge

    Stay tuned for future updates to this feature!


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  • love the new concept and normally max of 15 participants would be enough, however if you are admin for a club it would be great to automatically add all your club members to a challenge, have a digital badge. hope you can build on this. 

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