Edit Activity time and distance

I know this is a long-standing issue, but I'd like to make the point for giving users the possibility of manually editing distance and time of existing activities.

I understand that the logic is that Strava does not want challenges and records to be affected. Bu this is a huge inconvenience for users who care little about challenges and records, but on the other hand, want an accurate record of their ACTUAL activities.

A possible solution would be:

a) users are allowed to edit distance and time so that their totals are accurate (and similar across platforms)

b) Challenges keep recording the original activity and not the edited one. I can leave with a month challenge underreporting my number of km. But I am annoyed by Garmin Connect and Strava giving different totals for activities.

What does support think of this?



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    There is an existing discussion on the topic of manually editing activity distance

  • Just add a manual entry!
    Or if it's not about challenges or records...just scrap the entire strava one and put a manual entry in.

  • Treading on Strava-EPO territory here.....

    Edit the original gpx or garmin file, delete the original uploaded track and re-import the modified gpx with the gap filled. 



    The reason Strava don't want editing tools onboard is the support requirement would be massive and it would be an instant source of grief for them.


  • I don't know why this got negative votes. I'd like this at least for races where there is an official time and certified distance. The distance often ends up being wrong, especially on trails where the distance can easily be 5-10% short. For example today I ran a 10 mile race and my watch recorded 9.5. And for some other runners it was even less recorded distance. On the other hand it is easy to forget to stop the watch when finishing and have some extra time at the end. Editing the time by cropping the run isn't always easy if you don't move much after the finish and stay at the same place. Strava shows the track by distance rather than time so cropping doesn't work well in this case.

    And even for non-race activities deleting the recorded activity and entering a new one isn't a good solution. In some cases I want to keep the GPS track because others may find that useful (for example, turn into a route). 

  • I agee with Stanislav.  For race events I want to be able to edit the time to match the official race clock.

  • I have to agree this would be an important feature. And it is already implemented in several other running apps. But GPS is just wildly inconsistent. I run the same handful of routes and on any given day my GPS track of those routes can very by as much as .25 or .3 miles. So if I'm trying to compare performances on those routes and I can't standardize the distance for the routes, I can't get an accurate comparison. I also agree about the difficulty of stopping time, especially at the end of a race when there is often lots of confusion and trying to hit the appropriate (rather small) buttons to stop and then save the activity results in a several seconds lag between the time recorded and the actual time of crossing the finish line. 

  • yes, please add this possibility. I finished a half marathon, but my Polar M400 only recorded 21.0km. I now have a new personal record for 20km but my race was not counted as half marathon. This is pretty annoying. In polar flow I could simply adjust the distance and time to match the official result.

  • Today Strava lost the first 44 minutes of a 66 minute bike ride, but kept the distance and route, giving me an average speed of 60km/h !!! It should be easy to fix an error like this, but it seems actually impossible.

    Strava - Please allow users to edit app errors like this.

  • Agreed!

  • Agreed!

  • Strava, go look at how this feature has been implemented on runkeeper, that is exactly what we need. I run lots of trails and the gps can be spotty at best and normally requires a little massage to get the correct route.

  • I was just checking out some stuff that transferred over from Garmin Connect.  Funny I don't remember this ride, but apparently on May 10, 2010, I did a 26,686.4 mi ride in about 1:25.  

    If records and challenges are a concern, surely this isn't what they were referring to.

  • My issue is if I want to use my watch / HRM on the treadmill / bike it syncs across from Garmin with the wrong distance.

    Should be such an easy fix??

  • Definitely would be helpful. Rode today with a friend. Both had strava on. My data said 39.5miles covered, his said 46.2. I know we live 0.5 miles apart butility 7 miles is too much of a discrepancy for my liking.😔

  • Agree, sometimes also I start my phone before the race, as I need to put in the iphone sleeve on my arm, so time is off by a couple of minutes. Today the distance due to some error, noted 27K, when I did 22Km, would like to correct as its giving me incorrect records. Nothing can be done, at least let users correct this on the web version, like other websites.

    Listen to user feedback, its not a nice thing, its a need for all runners. Thanks for taking action.

  • Great for times when you forget to start your Garmin watch!

  • Yes, yes, yes!!!  I consistently find that Strava has put a straight line from one place to another because it "lost" me.  Can I please be able to put in the actual route that I traveled?  I would love to be able to drag the route onto the roads/tracks that I went on - it knows the start & finish times.

    I don't mind at all if it says "this route has been edited" or whatever, I just want to know what I actually did!

  • Another issue that would support this thread ... I've just bought the Fitbit Ionic, replacing my old Surge. All my regular runs are showing up 10% shorter, thus my pace is suddenly looking very slow. Strava recognises the same route being followed and thus shows a comparison, but it looks like I've suddenly broken my leg.

    I'd really like to correct the distance so at least the trend looks ok.

  • I find it quite frustrating that my Strava always says at least ..2 of a mile less than my running buddies that use Strava but today it was .6 of a mile less than it should have been. When you've run 18.1 miles( Strava says 17.5) you don't need that. :-(


  • I agree! Super frustrating to see my swims at 0m all the time and having to delete and do manual entry every day. Also often after Kudus's and comments from friends already submitted to the original log.

  • For race editing would be great. In my example I got way better results on my 1st ever race (10km) and now after improvements I cannot beat unreal my time. Strava added +2km in the result of average pace of 3:57.. :D (for me it is impossible at the moment) I do not want to delete it, 1st race you know.. just fix somehow the kilometers.


  • I agree completely with the need to add manual editing.  My watch often over-estimates the distance I run in a race, and I'm not exact on stopping and starting my watch.  Being able to input the actual distance and the time measured by the race would make my Strava log much more relevant.

  • It very useful thing!

    Please let us possibility to edit distance.

    1) I have a Polar watch and application Polar Flow in my phone 
    2) I running with watch and after I finished, application Polar Flow exported training session into Strava application 
    3) Strava application creates training with Polar data but without distance because distance is absent 
    4) I want to have possibility to correct this training - correct distance in Strava application by manually entering of distance! And I cannot do it for exported trainngs. This is not approach for me to create training in Strava application first, because this training will not have important data such as pulse.

  • Yesterday's NYC Marathon was 27.1 mile for me on AppleWatch2 Strava app. I had an extra mile I didn't know about. :-) We should be able to adjust the original recording on races, even they ask this is NYC Marathon...etc.

  • Agreed on editing distance should be an option. Today my Forerunner GPS went whacky on Mile 5 and shorted my run by .4 miles. Easily edited in Garmin Connect and Map My Run, so I know of no excuse why that logic can't be built in here. Sure I could add a manual entry, but in training my mile splits are as important as the overall run. At least on the other apps, sure the Mile 5 split today was off, but it was easy to see my paces in the other miles to know how the overall run went.

  • During winter I often have to run on a treadmill with my Garmin 920 XT. While running faster than a certain speed, the difference to the treadmill is up to 80 meters per kilometer...on Garmin Connect I can easily edit the result but no chance on Strava...thats quite a big issue for me...hope Strava will introduce the "edit function" soon!

  • I went for a ride today, but forgot to stop Strava before the car ride home so now have a 30 minute drive included.  I would simply like to be able to cut the last 30 mins on the mobile app before I sync, so that my relive video is accurate.

  • Went for a morning run. It's quite cold outside and my iPhone shut down after 35 minutes. Now, when it's up and running again Strava thinks that I used a plane for the last 1,2 km out my route. 

    Strava, it's NOT COOL that you won't let us edit out own activities.

  • I did pause and stop strava after my run, but had to hurry to pick up my kid right after.  Sensing car motion some time later, strava decided to restart the clock.  I now have a superfast CR on a segment, yippee!!!!

    duh?  Can I just remove a few of the last points to where I ended the frickin' run?


  • I also vote for allowing manual updates. I often forget to start or to stop my Pola V800 during races. During indoor swimming, watches cannot recognize pools done with flipper only or sometimes some pool is added or missed by watches. I can correct those problems in my Polar Flow records, so I'd really appreciate to have this feature also on Strava.
    Please, make Strava one step greater than it is already!