Strava Should Work in "Airplane Mode"...!

Especially when hiking, or on a multi-day event with little access to power, it would be nice to still record. Would it be possible somehow, to still record while in Airplane mode? That way my battery would be saved, AND I could get my event data...



  • I haven't actually tried this myself, if there is a purpose-made limitation in Strava, or is it just the GPS being disabled, but here's my thoughts on this targeted generally on Android.

    There are a few ways to reduce battery consumption. Airplane mode might not even be the most efficient, all the apps not needing data could still run and consume (some) power. And the drawback is the lack of GPS (it is not logical to me, as GPS only receives and doesn't distract external devices).

    Firstly, turn off synchronizing and mobile data. Data is not required at all. I'm using a phone without SIM card on my MTB, so I know it works.

    Secondly, try power saving features (phone dependent), and see if they affect GPS/background operation. Some power saving options may reduce GPS accuracy or update rate, so you need to read the phone manual or just try them.

    Thirdly, keep only the apps you need on the hike. Force stop / disable or uninstall apps that you don't need. Evey app may have a footprint and background tasks in the phone, so less is more battery life. 

    Multi-day events set special low power requirements in any case, so my advices may have been tried or they are not enough. Not all phones are suitable for such events, no matter how you tweak, because battery life varies greatly from phone to phone. I would think in any case you need auxiliary power, and perhaps even a small solar panel charger would help - except if you can only charge during darkest hours. Attaching the solar charger to the backpack or clothing might be one way to go.

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  • Thanks Sami.

    I have about six different auxiliary power supplies, and have recently purchased a solar panel, which does indeed seem to work well. For multi-day events, these are logical.

    By some of the other posts that I've read, it seems like people want  Strava to solve ALL of their problems. I'm no phone geek, but it seems to me that there should be some low-battery way to track our events into the Wilderness...

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  • The IOS- and Android-Devices I know don't turn off GPS in airplane mode. I often record bike rides with Strava in this mode.

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