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    We're consolidating activity type requests to this thread. Please continue to add your requests to this forum.
    As always, we appreciate the feedback.
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  • Mountain Bike

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  • Tandem Bike Ride

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  • Ruck or Rucking

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  • Orienteering

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  • Equestrian or Horseback Ride

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  • Skateboarding and Longboarding

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  • Motorbike, Motocross, or Dirt Bike Ride

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  • Ice Hockey

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  • Sailing or Boating

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  • Elliptical or ElliptiGo

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  • Unicycle Ride

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  • Golfing

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  • Indoor Cycle or Spinning/Spin Class (not to be confused with a stationary trainer ride tag or virtual bike ride)

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  • Kickbiking

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  • Tennis and Squash and Badminton

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  • Ball sports (soccer, baseball, football, rugby, volleyball, softball, lacrosse)

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  • Flying, Paragliding and Parachuting

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  • it makes no sense to allow people to downvote activities they don’t want.

    the thread has only just started and already skateboarding and longboarding have been downvoted into oblivion. why aren’t you starting from a clean slate?

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  • what is the point of us sending feedback to you guys if you never do anything about it... i've canceled my premium membership last night... after paying strava premium for 5 years on the hopes of getting better support or a "louder" voice when i comes to suggestions on how to improve the system... and nothing has been done, group challenges was something i've requested 6 years ago, and still not implemented, been hearing strava saying it's coming soon for the last 4 years.... i've requested Skateboarding as an activity, and still nothing, however some freaky ass sports that no one ever heard about it are on the list: velo mobile, roller ski, snowshoe (is this even a sport?).... 

    So last night i've decided to stop supporting this BS app, just use the free version since there is no point what so ever to keep paying and supporting something that the developers don't give a fk about what you think.....

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  • Rucking

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  • Bikejoring

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  • Dog Assisted Running (CaniX / CaniCross / Skijoring)

    We are being directed here from the "Dog Assisted Running (CaniX / CaniCross)" post but I don't see that topic here, even changing the list sort between votes/date. How do we vote for this topic? Is there a pagination tool missing from the page that is preventing us from seeing the category here?

    Are we supposed to add new categories here? It's not clear because all the other comments are made by Strava Support. I was surprised that I could add my own and it just went into the list.

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  • Rucking- also with a feature to add how much weight you’re carrying

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  • SKATEBOARDING!! Please! It's my only means of physical activity other than weighted workouts.

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  • I’d like Arc Trainer.

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  • Landkite (Kite landboarding), Snowkite, Skateboard and Longboard.

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  • This thread exists since 2017 and none of the activities above were added. What is the point?

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  • Canicross, Canix etc. I see Strava-comments going back to 2014 requesting this. Is it going to be implemented? 

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  • Please add skateboarding/long boarding. It has been suggested multiple times and it is very popular.

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