KOM for Seniors

To provide some incentive for riders 60 years old and up, I think it would be a good idea for Strava to create some new KOM/QOM categories based on age, such as:

Grandpa and Granny of the Mountain (GOM) - 60-70 years of age
Great Grandpa and Great Granny of the Mountain (GGOM) - 70-80 years of age

I am sure the folks at Strava can come up with something better in terms of a name but I think a new category would give a real boost to the senior members of Strava and level the playing field.  Thoughts?



  • Nothing wrong with that but no interest for me. 59 and still got 2 pages of KOM's, you just need to train harder ;)

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  • You can already filter the leaderboard based on age ranges (although that may be a premium feature) if you want to see who the fastest Granny out there is :)

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  • It's not about you or me Steve, it's about Senior's 60 years of age and up!

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  • It will be about me next August Brad :(

    As said By Tim though, there is already a feature based on age ranges, though it is  a premium feature

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  • Congratulations Steve!

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  • I quite like this idea, but what happens when I reach 60, will all my old rides when I was under 60 suddenly become eligible for a GOM? how can Strava tell the difference? Ps hate the name Grandpa, it should be something different ...say the WOM, Wise Old Man!! and WOW, Wise Old Women!

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