Compare Segments on Skiing activities

Currently for running and biking activities you can graphically compare efforts (with the KOM for free users or with anyone for paid), however you cannot do it for skiing activities (alpine skiing, nordic skiing, backcountry skiing, and roller skiing). This would be a nice feature to have added for skiing (and I suspect it would be helpful for many other non running or biking activities with segments as well).

My overall thought on the segment system is that in general anything that applies to both running and biking segments should be applied to all segment types by default (they could be pruned in some cases if they are shown to be not helpful).



  • Totally agree!! And that would be quick and easy way to get a map of trails when visiting a new skiing area

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  • Yes please. Trace snow is a great app for downhill skiing, but Strava would dominate Cross Country & Backcountry apps if the just would just enable the same functions and features that they have for cycling and running.

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