Set max speed on Segments

So is there a way to create speed caps on segments so people can't rack up KOMs in cars?  Example - The climb out of Treasure Island to the Bay Bridge.  On the weekends they have a shuttle up the climb to the bridge for people who can't make it up the hill.  The climb is .6 or .7mi at 6%  To average 20mph or faster you would need to put out 500w or higher for almost 3mins.  But like the first 50 times are all from people taking the shuttle up and their Garmins are just on AutoPause on shuttle.  Gotta be a way to fix this without flagging ridiculous amounts of people.  Frankly to get a time on a segment one should have to have HR or Power to showup on the leader board.




  • Similar could be for run segments where people have clocked < 2 min/km for example. But even if not a speed cap, if an "extreme" speed is recorded on a segment that could be auto flagged to be verified by the user (e.g. > 60kph on a flat or uphill bike segment or <2:30 min/km on a run segment -  in other words not impossible but not likely).

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  • Justin, several discussion threads already pointed out at this problem (the most recent one but guys in Starava simply do not listen. I consider it completely unfair if the responsibility to maintain the leaderboards clean is shifted to users.

    Please note that in Strava you can become KOM clocking zero seconds at zero velocity, one shiny example here:

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