"Do not include on power curve" feature

Power meters are great tools, but they aren't perfect!  Every once in a while they will go wonky on a ride and give you bad data, I wish there was an option to exclude a single ride's data from your power curve.

I had a ride last year that was wet/humid and caused my power meter to drift, it gave me a really nice (but blatantly wrong) power curve.  I set some PR's that ride so deleting the ride wasn't a good option, but it screwed up my 2017 power curve for the rest of the year.

Thanks for listening!



  • Agree.  Also need the ability to simply delete individual spurious power reading.  I had an instantaneous power reading of  over 1200 watts one ride.  I just can't do that sort of power, but it makes my power curve a lie.

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  • Would also like to have this. Have an activity performed by using a dumb smart trainer and my entire year's power curve is unusable because of it.


    There are several threads requesting this feature going years back, so as is usual for Strava, don't expect the feature.

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  • Agree with the requirement here. I have a new eMTB with spurious power readings that have really messed up my 2019 power curve. Only option is to delete the rides which I obviously don't want to do!

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