"Local" routes can't be starred and used on iPhone

Hi, I'm having issues trying to star routes I find via the https://www.strava.com/local/us/new-york-city/cycling/routes site. When I star, I can see that the colour of the star changes and that the number of people who have starred the route increases by one, as if registering my input, but the route doesn't show up in my routes on my iPhone app. It also seems not to register my request to star the route, because when re-visiting the route site, the number has gone back to what it was before and there is no indication I have starred the route.

Am I the only one experiencing this? It's a bit of a shame, because I can't see any other way to make use of the local routes (without building the route in the route builder myself, but for long routes that's too much hassle). Or is there another way around this? 



  • Sadly I have nothing to add, apart from reporting an identical experience. I have a trip to San Francisco lined up so looking forward to using Strava Local routes there. I have downloaded .gpx file on to Drop Box and opened it in a GPX Viewer app on my iPhone (GPX Reader by Jelie Vandebeeck works well on phone and computer) as a work round. Hope that is helpful.

  • I have found the way to save curated routes on iPhone.
    Instead of clicking the "star" to attempt a "save to favourites" action you can click/touch and hold on the star icon. You'll then get iOS option, choose "Open in "Strava"" dropdown option. In the new screen touch once the "Duplicate" option and the route and pertaining literature is seemingly yours to save as your own. Voila.

  • Thanks Chris. Very impressive that you found this convoluted fix but it does indeed work.

  • Same here, very annoying. Same workaround as Chris... 

  • On Android in Chrome browser I used a similar workaround:

    1. Browse to the relevant local site e.g. http://www.strava.com/local/uk/london/cycling/routes.
    2. Open an individual route e.g. http://www.strava.com/local/uk/london/cycling/routes/119
    3. Click and hold on the star icon, and from context menu select "Open in new tab".
    4. In new tab you should see full page view of the route (not for mobile). Click the star icon next to the route title. You will need to be logged into the Strava site at this point.
    5. Go into the Strava app. Menu Profile > Routes. You may need to pull down to refresh the list of your routes. Alternatively you can view your routes online at https://www.strava.com/athlete/routes.
  • Thanks for that guys! vv helpful!

  • A somewhat more sensible (though also hidden) method is to download the GPX on your phone, and then choose open with Strava. Still convoluted but makes a little more sense. Happy that this works in any case! This works fine in Android.