Estimated Best Efforts not working properly

Not all my estimated best efforts are being shown in my profile for the last few weeks, just my 10k and half marathon times ... where is the rest?



  • I have the same problem, with only my half-marathon and marathon showing.

  • Yeah, or the avg. pace for estimated 10k being faster than 5k... How's that possible?

  • I have the same problem, 1k and 1 mile not showing since a couple of weeks.. (but 5k and 10k are still there)

  • I also have the same issue as mentioned above.

  • Same problem for me. Only the 1 mile shows up.

  • Have the same problem only Half and Marathon is showing .. :(

  • Same problem for me. 1k and 1 mile stopped showing 2 weeks ago. If I click on a friends profile, it shows their 1k and 1 mile, but mine are bland next to theirs. From 5k up mine show fine.

  • I also have this issue. Only 10k and half marathon are showing.

  • I submitted a request and Strava sorted this problem for me by resetting my "Estimated Best Efforts". This was done within 5 hours of me submitting the request. Impressive service for a user of the free version who has never paid Strava anything.

  • Many thanks for the advice Ken, will give that a try

  • Send the request to Strava help centr they will fix it in few hours :) Its work for me :) 

  • My estimated best efforts are gone too. I couldn't make comparisons with my friends.  How to fix this? :(   

  • Same here, no 5k result.

  • Same here, just 10K, half and marathon showing.


  • The same for me, only 10k. A solution?

  • Same here

  • Hi There !

    I just finish my first marathon and it didn't show up in my stats ! (I did it with a friend also on Strava and it worked for him).

    Thank you in advance to correct it !

  • Hi, I have the same problem, I have no Estimated Best Efforts in my stats, they are all gone.  How can I fix it?

  • I have the same problem as well. The list with Estimated Best Efforts is not updated anymore, and it only shows one of them. 

  • 8 months on and not fixed, that's a shame, it's one of the only features I like to use to allow me to compare my ability to my friends and others.


    Please fix :)

  • I just ran my very first 10-Mile effort this weekend and was excited to have my "Best Estimated 15k" and "Best Estimated 10 Mile" show up on my profile...nothing. Very disappointing. Come on Strava, it's been pretty much all of 2016. Can we get some sort of update on this?

  • None of my estimated efforts show up and from the looks of this thread it seems that I'm not the only one. Hopefully there is a fix for this. Thanks.

  • Same here, I do not have any best estimated efforts.

    Strava please fix this, this issue is (as I can see from this post) already reported 10 months ago.
    Or a reaction on these posts would be nice to know if and when its going to be fixed

  • Same here, I do not have any best estimated efforts.

  • Same boat here. Estimated efforts not updating


  • From another topic I found that this issue can be solved by doing the following:
    Go to strava support site
    Submit a request
    Choose category: Activity achievements, segments and run best efforts
    How can I help you category choose: Missing run best efforts

    Let Strava know you want these efforts back through the ticket and they will 'reset' this part of your profile so you get your best efforts back


  • Thanks, Frank! Ticket submitted :)

  • Same here,

    I do not have any best estimated efforts :(

  • Come on guys, TS opened this issue on March 29, 2016 (!) and still this issue isn't fixed!? While this isn't a high-priority (security) bug and while the feature is only visible/available at the web-based version of Strava, imo the members who're actually using this feature as a reference and/or comparison tool, those members strive for more/improvement and should be cherished. Those dedicated members, non-paid OR premium/summit, are the backbone of Strava.

    With 42 tech-people assigned to Strava's GitHub profile, there should be one... Fix it!

    Keep up the good work!


  • Well said @Kay Beudeker.

    I have noticed a pattern on my account that may be helpful to one of the 42 devs. Sometimes I post an invalid Estimated Best Effort by forgetting to stop an activity and then doing 5k in 2 minutes on the highway. Later, when I realise and crop the cheat section, my Estimated Best Effort for that distance does not re-calculate. It remains blank from then on, until I request an account reset.