Sync from Strava to Garmin Connect

I  can only seem to push from Garmin to Strava. What I want is to use the app to record runs when I have no Garmin device and push to Garmin Connect. Then I can have my data in both platforms. Is that possible?

In my Garmin Connect account settings I see that Strava can only read. Is that correct?

Application - Strava
Permission - Read


  • Jun 23, 2018 30 min Pro Cyclist Ride with George Hincapie Cycling Present Present
    This activity was not synchronized to the following services:

    Garmin Connect: There was a problem uploading this activity to Garmin Connect.

  • As far as tapirik. I started using in March but have not been able to get it to sync automatically since May. I paid $2 so the auto feature is there. I have disconnected and reconnected. Signed in and out and back in. Still nothing.. anyone else having this issue with Tapirik? Any suggestions? I mean for $2 I would expect they would have a 24/7 help line running. Lol..

  • I use the iPhone/Apple Watch app iSmoothRun. It tracks and syncs runs with iPhone and/or Apple Watch. Results can be uploaded to Strava and Garmin (and much much more.)

    The app does cost money. Five dollars, one time, I think.

    It works. I use it 4 times per week and have been doing so for close to a year.

  • Tapiriik used to work for me, but stopped working last year when Garmin made some changes on their site.

  • Where do we vote to get this feature?


    If you need help with coding, I would gladly volunteer some time to make it happen.

  • I would really like to see this feature added but I saw a post that said it hasn't been added because not enough people are asking for it.  Is this the right place to ask?  Is someone counting the request in these support feeds?  Are all the "Me Too" posts here counting towards that decision to provide this feature?

    As a Board Member of a 30 year old cycling club we find it very difficult to create group challenges.  We always have a club challenge durning the Tour de France (Tour de Lightning Velo for us).  But since we can't create a challenge in Strava, and no one in Strava thinks it would be good to have a Challenge during the TdF we have to do it manually.  Garmin allows us to create this challenge but only the Garmin users can get their data in.  All Strava members are still manual entries.  Please let Strava people create a Garmin account and push their activities to Garmin.  That would be a great work around for Strava not progressing very quickly on Challenges.

    For myself I use both and love both platforms.  Only issue is when my Garmin device runs out of power and I switch to my phone on Strava I can't get that part of my ride to show up in both programs.  I don't see Garmin and Strava as competitors.  I see them as a paired failsafe for my data.  And, I pay for both.

  • I used Tapirik and they haven't been able to sync for me since May 23. I would gladly pay more if they could allocate some time to fix this.

  • Good post Nia. Unfortunately I have seen zero recent responses and so on principle, I myself have notified STRAVA that I will not be renewing my paid subscriptions. I think the least they could do is communicate their rationale to us on their own forum.

  • Apparently, it's no longer a Strava issue, but a Garmin issue. Garmin Connect, no longer allows uploads from any third party. So we all need to go over to our Connect accounts and pester on that side.

  • I too would like to be able to send activities recorded on Strava to my Garmin Connect account. Please add this feature.

  • One of the first and most annoying shortcoming I noticed after buying my vivoactive 3 was it didn't work well for recording the correct gps distance data (8% low), so I had to resort to Strava to record my walking/running activity.  Unfortunately, it is a real pain to download the gpx then upload it to Garmin Connect.   Add me to the list of those desiring this feature.  Looks like this might be falling on death ears though considering the hundreds of complaints over the last 3 years.

  • Still waiting for this feature. Would like to skip any 3rd party toools

  • Same here...please add

  • Garmin Connect uploads data from MyFitnessPal so it should be able to do the same with Strava...please talk to each other and fix it

  • please add this service

  • Hi, there is a great app called RunGap; it's a workout data manager. Give it a try ;-)

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  • please add this feature!

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  • I would like this feature too.  Having a two way communication like Samsung Health is outstanding for stationary rides like exrpesso, zwift, etc. when at the gym.  Please add this this feature.

  • +1. This is a ridiculous situation. So many of us use both Garmin and Strava platforms. If it is a "problem" on the Garmin side, the Strava should be talking to the, and providing evidence that they are doing so. Get on with it.

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    Yet another feature request that would be a great enhancement for users, which Strava want to blatantly ignore for years!!!!

  • +1 for this feature, I'm surprised it doesn't already exist. Thanks

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  • Seriously - is this still an issue? I am ready to simply drop Strava and go with GC because more family use it instead. WTH Strava? Why would you not make this automatic?