Show me all my achievements on Strava

Show a list of all the achievements I've earned on Strava, from KOMs to top 10s, to PRs.

Here are some of the related feature suggestions we've been getting from our users regarding Achievements on Strava. If you agree with the posts below, click the "Me Too" button to vote! 



  • 1200 votes


    ...what do we get?

    Apple watch health integration, which has about 20 votes...


  • bugger me, is this thread still going? drop me out.

  • 6years later

    1224 votes



    How many votes / comments does it take for Strava to take notice?!

  • Strava is loosing out on 1000s of paying premium customers yearly not getting this done, including me =)

  • You can add another one to that list Fredrick! 

  • meanwhile, at the Strava HQ (insert thumble weed gif)



  • Oh nice... now there's the new "Summit" plan.

    Dear Strava please stop hiring creative / designers. We don't need new plan names or ig kudos icons...

    We need features like this one or for example tagging our friends directly from the website.

    Plz hire more Interface / DBMS developers.

  • This feature is basically all I do in my own own training evaluations for the fun of it. I would gladly pay premium or even a "Summit" of the same price for this. All the other features are kind of lame....

  • You’re all more than welcome to come and visit where, amongst many other cool things compiled from your Strava data, you can see a fully filterable, sortable list (along with maps, charts and other data visualisations) of all of your completed Strava segments with current placing info. Similar features for all of your activities and planned routes. That last bit is currently being used by 6 World Tour cycling teams including BMC, Mitchelton-Scott and Team Sky.

  • Do strava not pay attention to their users at all? Strange to value their paying customers so little as not implementing these simple features on a top voted thread made 7 years ago! This arrogance allows small smart companies like veloviewer to make money, and kudos to them for that. However, this should definitely be made available for premium users. HQ is just counting their money instead of actually developing the service, and you get so much free input from the users here!

  • This is why I give Veloviewer my money and not Strava.