OpenStreetMaps in Strava

It would be great to be able to use OpenStreetMaps in addition to the Google Maps.  OpenStreetMaps has many more trails identified, and any user can add their own.  MapMyRun lets you choose OpenStreetMap, and it is great.  Most of the trails I run don't show in Google Maps.

See the attached 2  images.

OSM has a simple API, and should be relatively straight-forward to integrate.

Thanks for your consideration.




  • Agree... please add openstreetmap/opencyclemap to strava!!

  • I'm not using Strava anymore... without OSM it's just useless

  • Also considering to leave Strava for lack of OS maps. If I wouldn't be a paying customer I would be glad for what I get for free, but being Premium I do at least expect someone from Strava to leave a statement on this issue as a considerable amount of users demand the integration of OS maps.
  • I have a paid account too and would LOVE to see OSM as well, but I don't agree with Georg's statement. We paid for the service AS IT IS. I don't think you "buy" any rights to demand changes in the product you bought… 

    Money os a good point though. If they wanted to integrate OSM on the scale of internet traffic Strava must pull, they most certainly would have to pay someone for this traffic. The OSM data may be free. Access to the servers of the people hosting it isn't. On the other hand Google maps also isn't free at the scale they must use, but this may be something to consider.

  • Actually I didn't demand a change, I just demanded that someone from Strava enlightens us wether we will ever see integration of OSMaps, and if so when this might happen. I love Strava for road cycling but for mountain biking it's rather useless and I am very reluctant to use two different platforms to record my activities. That's why I am considering to leave Strava unless someone gives me a perspective on OSMaps integration.

    SO PLEASE: tell us if there ever will be OSMaps on Strava!!!

  • Not sure why Strava is being quiet on this thread, it is a very valid request. I left Strava because of the maps and found OpenCycleMaps extremely useful! If Strava would include these maps on a future update, I would gladly come back to Strava as they have some very good features, but with them being so quiet on this subject makes me question whether they care or not.

  • Great to see a lot of people with similar desires for integrating OpenStreetMaps, thanks for your comments.  I thought I'd follow-up with a couple things.

    First, I was called by a Strava employee and participated in answering questions about how I use Strava.  Some of the questions were specifically about OpenStreetMaps.  They are looking at integrating OSM, but didn't have specific plans yet.  But they are aware of the request.

    Second, I have found a workaround.  While I hate to share this, as it may diminish the number of people who voice their desire for full OSM integration, I have found this workaround to be useful, so figure you might as well.  The workaround allows you basically to replace the displayed Google map on a Strava page with an OSM map, through Javascript manipulation.  The kind folks at VeloViewer put this together:  http://veloviewer.com/mapFlipper.  You'll notice that you can't zoom in as far as you'd like, so you just need to switch the map to Satellite, or remove Terrain, prior to flipping the map to OSM.




  • Hi Strava...

    --> PLEASE: tell us if there ever will be OSMaps on Strava!!!

  • looks like strava don't care too much about mountain bikers... this post is been going for 9 months and not one single word of it. I don't get it... i i bet there is quite a few paying members like myself here... Cmon, is that the kind of support you give to the riders that support you by paying a premium membership... The only reason i paid for this, is to support a great app, because i could easily leave with the standard free features... why would i care about suffer score? really? Not being able to trace my off road routs and export them to my grarmin is one of the biggest flaws of this system.

    please bring on OSM!

  • Can only agree, switched to strava from runtastic since it seems better but very dissapointing that it is not supported. Don't see any reason why not to support it, it is just so much more superior than google maps. 

    Also is there any official comment from strava regarding this topic? Would be nice to know if this is an issue they want to tackle.

  • Adding OpenStreetMap and its layers (OSM, OCM, Hike&Bike) to Strava would be really great! OSM data is where I ride/run/hike so much better than Google maps oder Apple maps data (think of all the single trails etc.) and where there is no data yet usually I upload my GPS data to OSM and it is there once I passed there. I even prefer it over Google satellite, so please add support for OSM. Many other platforms (including the rather buggy but constantly improving Garmin Connect) support OSM.

    By the way (for the other users), trainingstagebuch.org and velohero.com have the best OSM support I have come along so far.

  • I found Strava via an openstreetmap blog and was excited to see:


    I was impressed with your slide feature and how easy it was to correct some routes in the woods near where I live.

    I am not a code developer, but it looks like there are is an api that will allow the use of OSM on android devices.

    What about using offline maps that OSMAND (http://osmand.net/) creates?

    So, I created a account and I am looking forward to leaving Runkeeper for OSM supported Strava! Then, I downloaded the app to my android phone and when I launched Strava, it gave me an error that Google Maps needs to be installed.

    I removed Google maps a long time ago replacing it with OSMAND (http://www.osmand.net).

    This month I installed google maps on my phone so that I can use Strava and add my gps data to the slide feature of iD that your labs created.

    On another related note, Please use the already created bicycle/hiking/walking routes that exist in openstreetmap, As routes or segments in Strava.

  • Hello! The Strava route builder currently uses the OSM data as a base basemap for route creation. However, you'll see the Google Maps when using this tool (just know that OSM is doing all the work). Thanks for all your feedback! 

  • Hi Elle Anderson, I saw your comment that says: "Hello! The Strava route builder currently uses the OSM data as a base basemap for route creation. However, you'll see the Google Maps when using this tool (just know that OSM is doing all the work). Thanks for all your feedback! "

    However it's not about using the OSM engine, it's more about using the OSM maps, the problem is if you are using the route builder on Strava, you can't see any off road (mountain bike tracks) as Google doesn't show them... However on OSM try are all there. That would make the route tool useful to a lot more people. As for now it's only useful to runners and road bike riders....
  • Mike Henson: Have you heard about Locus (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=menion.android.locus.pro&hl=en)? It uses different map format than osmand, I think, and there may be other differences, but it's quite good anyway. Supports recording rides and uploading them to Strava (besides a lot of other features), so it's more or less a drop-in replacement for the Strava app. It even supports a barometric sensor if your phone has one, and then the elevation is more correct than with the Strava app.

  • Ms Anderson, here is a comparison of a OSM slippy map (provided by way marked trails) and google maps. I would prefer all Strava maps to show an OSM slippy map.

    1) anyone can download the GPX of a trail.
    2) OSM has better data because this example was made accurate by slide feature from Strava
    (OSM) https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=15/36.1788/-97.1808&layers=CN
    (Way Marked Trails) http://hiking.waymarkedtrails.org/en/?zoom=15&lat=36.17868&lon=-97.17564&hill=0#routes

    1) Has no trails period. How can I create a route if on one knows they exist?

  • WE WANT OSM! - Google ist only sufficent for People doing Sport on roads.

    It is nice, that we got an answer from the Support (Elle Anderson), but I think she eaven haven't understood the Problem or doen't wand to understand it.

    Strava is nice and has a lot of Features, but without a useable map it's not useable for a lot of sports (skiin, Mountainbiking, hiking, etc.)

    It's a shame!

  • Not as a solution, but a workaround option in the meantime - there is a Google Chrome extension created by a 3rd party called Stravistix which provides the option of viewing Strava Activity maps with OSM (pic attached). Feel free to check it out: bitly.com/stravistix

  • @Elle Anderson,

    the Stravistix "feature" is really nice - I just realized now that you wrote it here that it wasn't Strava who had improved this... :-(

    Still, it's really strange - and a pity - that Strava doesn't add this option for route planning especially!. 

    Any plans, please???

  • +1 , Please add OSM 

  • I would love to see Openstreetmap as a map alternative on Strava. It should even be the default map.

    And it would be even better if Strava could provide different styles based on activity. As an example for MTB: http://mtbmap.no/#14/63.4288/10.3139 (Color coding for difficulty. This could be done for hiking as well)

  • Having OSM incorporated into Strava would be a massive benefits for off-road benefits. I do not undertsand why Strava does not just utilise this far richer and detailed mapping tool. That said, it would also be extremely helpful (particularly for hill/fell/mountain runners) if Strava was able to additionally include the Ordnance Survey mapping option in the same manner as Bing Maps offers even if just for the UK? See attachment which is shows an example of a Strava import into OS - Bing Maps.

  • I fully support the request.  Absence of OSM still holds me with Runtastic as my default sports app. I will fully switch to Strava once OSM and -even more important- OCM, are supported. 

  • Yes definitely needs this and also offline maps support, there are often times We need to check the map but with no cell signal.
  • Well, great, so we now lost street view thanks to this?

  • @Attila Ave A. ?? why would you assume this? First Topic you found to complain? Also works fine for me and still have no OSM support, so not sure what you are talking about. Also this shouldn't effect anything other then an extra map type to select from. For those you need streetview and riding on pavements can still keep on using google, but people interested in non paved roads and better quality maps really dig the open source solution.



  • Has there been a change to the maps in Strava? I can now ONLY see OpenStreetMap. This in itself may not be a problem, but all roads, regardless of size are now shown in white only there's no indication of road size through colour. 

    Would be good to have both Google Maps and OpenStreeMaps so that users had the ability to select the one most appropriate for their use and area of interest.

  • Just had confirmation that Google Maps has been replaced by Mapbox as below:-

    Strava is now using Mapbox as the engine behind many of our most important and interactive maps. Mapbox is a powerful resource that will ultimately allow Strava to tailor the look-and-feel of our maps to best meet our athletes' needs.

    Where did Street View go?
    Mapbox does not provide Street View functionality at this time. We realize this functionality was valuable for some athletes; we'll do our best to re-incorporate it when it becomes available.

  • Yes please, add OSM. Its a key feature for my MTB routes.

  • Way to botch up the implementation of OSM in Strava.  I get presented with the choice of map source in the route builder as: 'Standard', 'Terrain', 'Satellite' & 'OSM'. 

    Selecting OSM, results in the Google's logo still being shown, with their terms and conditions and a very poor style sheet for the OSM data, that shows everything (mountain bike track, walking track, road etc) as a white line.  Come on Strava you can do better then that, there are plenty of good examples on how to style to display of OSM data.  Also please ensure the attribution is displayed.

    Lift up your game.