Choose custom radius for the Privacy Zone

Some time ago it was possible to adjust the size (radius) of the privacy zone, but at some point that feature was lost. Please bring it back. For circular rides that leave in one direction and return in the other, the current circle is so small as to allow almost exact pin-pointing.



  • Thank you for your feedback and patience. As of today, you can specify a radius for Privacy zones next to the address input in your Privacy settings.  

  • Thank you Jeremy.

  • Yes -- thank you!  This is huge for people living near popular climbs and most especially for runners for whom the km to and from home are a substantial fraction of the total run.

  • Thank you so much -- this is really brilliant!

  • Now we just need an interactive map with which to place the center of the circle, because often I don't want the circle centered on my address or any particular address.  I want it to cover my address and a few other streets nearby, but that usually results in a circle centered on some other address or out in a field.  Once there's a map to place the circle on it will be pretty much perfect!

  • Really sorry to "pee on the fireworks", but this doesn't do much )if anything) to solve the worst problems.  The geo-cords method needs to use more accuracy (i.e. more than the apparent 6 decimal places) as it's still impossible to set the centre of the zone exactly where you want it, meaning you can't 'clip' the edge of the roads you want to keep out of the privacy area.  

    Also the overall method for adding a location is terrible.  Put in location -> save it -> try to view where its actually been placed in the ridiculously small window -> delete -> try again.

    How it should be: Browse on map, showing radius of privacy zone -> drop -> voila!

    Can we have some proper time invested in this functionality?

  • Many thanks for adding this - appreciate the effort that has been made to respond to this request. Unfortunately the smallest size option I'm getting (1/8 mile) is larger than the previous default size. I want smaller zones not larger! :(

    Also, Tobias B's comments on the user experience of creating zones is very valid. It is bad at the moment. My biggest issue however is that when I last tried, you couldn't specify a location accurately. If you put in co-ordinates, they got snapped to the nearest postcode. I wanted a privacy zone centred halfway between two addresses to at least mask which of the two groups of buildings was my frequent destination. This proved impossible.

  • Comments noted! The very small map window to view the privacy zone is indeed cumbersome. 

    A few tips:

    To be more specific with the center of a privacy zone, paste the lat/lon coordinates instead of the address. 

    To better visualize a privacy zone, go to a recent activity and from the map view options in the upper right of the map select "show privacy zone". 

  • privacy zone doesn't work, i set a new zone, my previous feeds were trimmed, but new tracks are visible in my privacy zone

  • David Ebling said "If you put in co-ordinates, they got snapped to the nearest postcode"

    That's what's stopping me use privacy.  I live just off a big road, either I need to be able to precisely control the size of the zone, or I need to be able to precisely control the centering.

  • Add several postcodes/locations around your house to give you a random privacy zone

  • @Wil. I would not do that as you will end up with less privacy.

    Since only one privacy zone for an activity will be used, your actual privacy zone for all your rides will be the circle-circle intersect. This intersect will always be smaller than the circle of each privacy zone. When doing a lot of rides people could notice this smaller privacy section.

  • Using the latitude/longitude of a specific location instead of a street address should allow for the privacy zone to be centered around that location. Can any of you confirm the report that using coordinates "snaps" to the nearest address? 

  • @Pascal

    Yes I am aware of that, should have explained in a bit more detail. By the way I live in a dense urban area so the possible options of houses within the privacy zones are huge.

    1. Never use your own address as the centre of the privacy zone. It won't take long for a determined person to begin to identify the centre of the circle no matter how big it is.
    2. You could leave it at this I suppose as creating a privacy zone where say your address is 100m from the edge is going to be pretty effective in preventing identifying your house by the centre of the circle method; perhaps a local police station would be a good centre if one is near by :)
    3. I use a few privacy zones creating a random shape (of the intersect) where my address is not the centre. Yes it is smaller but the likelihood of a determined person finding my house is nil IMHO. You can do this by trial and error, print off the map of your area and mark the roads eac intersects to see the shape. I have the advantage of mapping software where I can create points with zones to play around with.
  • >>>Using the latitude/longitude of a specific location instead of a street address should allow for the privacy zone to be centered around that location. Can any of you confirm the report that using coordinates "snaps" to the nearest address? 

    I confirm taht this is what 'seems' to happen.  What I think it ACTUALLY is, is that the long/lat is only working down to about 3 decimal places, which is a shift of approx > 100 metres.  i.e. you can get a long/lat say 0.12345678/0.12345678 but the location will only be represented at 0.123/0.123

  • Here is a sample case:

    I need (and some others too) completly hide the map. Because maybe I'm cheating my wife, and Im tell'in her that I'll be stay at my mom, but I'm spending my time with another woman at another city.

    The map reveal the location. Even that 1000m hide radius, it's still show that I'm at another city!!!

    Another sample... 

    A journalist is cycling ride and some bad guys want to kill her, because he/she working on a case that make some bad people angry. That 1000 m radius reveal his/her location. Finding her another day's riding is piece of cake. 

    We need to hide the map completly without hide the activity datas. 

    Why is that so hard? People want that from 2014!

  • But then your wife would ask why you decided to hide your location on that ride.  You'd mumble something incoherent, but she'd see through it like the lame deception it was.  So then she'd hire these guys who'd been unable to kill the journalist, but practice makes perfect you know, and that would be the end of you  So be careful what you ask for....

  • We need "click and drag" option to move the Privacy zone as its not in the right place. making it big enough to cover my home makes it unuseable as it wipes out half my runs and rides.

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    Well shit, guess that guy wasn't joking and really needed advanced privacy options to keep him safe.