Fitness and Freshness graph for Run activities

I, as most use Strava for running and cycling.  I don't know the actual calculation, but the tool Training Peaks allows you to map your TSS, IF and training stress balance for running.  This would be a great feature to add in to help with training for events.



  • I'm cancelling my premium membership as well.  I might renew if Strava implements this, but probably not after seeing their response.  The original excuse that the data would only be useful for cyclists and would not apply to other athletes is just that, an excuse, and a weak one at that.


    I'm cancelling my premium membership as well at the expiring datel, Because this feature is missing

  • Cancelling my premium service.  Once this is addressed I will start giving Strava money again. 

  • Seriously, Strava, this is a clear case where "something is better than nothing". Paying customers want this, and some are cancelling their membership and going elsewhere to get it. You're already calculating the "suffer score" for run activities... is it really that difficult to use this for fitness/freshness, especially given the fact that you allow "heart rate only" cyclists to do it? This does not seem like an unreasonable ask at all.

  • The Freshness/fitness feature was a big reason for me going premium, but as long as running is not included I'm not sure about continuing the membership.

  • Shame....

    It seems Strava nowadays is only focused on becoming a cyclist Instragram or something.

    Which is OK of course, but people are lured into becoming a premium member with all kind of promises about enhanced training functions and once you've payed nothing is there....

    It would be fair if the descriptions on the site are updated then as well (for example "hope to implement it for runners soon"???)

  • Disappointed by this decision. It's one of the reasons I dropped my paid subscription. With apps like StravistiX promising support for fitness graphs across cycling, swimming, running and other sports it's difficult to justify renewing it again.     

  • Very disappointing...

  • Too bad Strava doesn't want to implement the fitnes freshness for runners.

    Want to start run more and ride less from next month on so my actuel fitness won't be the same  as  show in the graph...  too bad :-(

    Graph  worthless again..



  • I agree with the statements of others here.  Failing to help the multi-sport users when you are already capturing the HR data as well as not even allowing people to manually enter a TSS for an activity makes the Fitness and Freshness graph garbage unless EVERY SINGLE activity you do is with a bike AND heart rate or power.  For multiple years you have strung these people on with premium memberships and claimed that this was a 'multi-sport' website.  So long Strava premium, moving to golden cheetah or training peaks.  

  • Will the changes tot eh Fitnees/Freshenss graph also reflect this previously issue raised.


    Currently, updating your FTP causes a mass change to all prior workout data, rendering all the past performance data inaccurate (the data is only as good as the FTP it is attached to).



  • Hello, thanks for all the excellent feedback on running data being included in the Fitness and Freshness feature. It's great to hear the interest for this feature, especially as we are focusing on more training features for runners at the moment. At this time, there are no plans to add run data to the current Fitness & Freshness feature.

    For the other programs out there that DO offer this feature, is the TSS or stress score equivalent always based on heart rate over distance? Do most of you feel this feature would be useful from strictly a run training perspective, or a multi-sport perspective when combined with a cycling-based Fitness & Freshness? 

    Thanks for taking the time to add your comments! 

  • Hi everyone,

    I thought I would provide a bit of better news here.  If you look around you can find a 20% discount code for Training Peaks on any level of subscription!   I thought I would provide some value to those interested in a platform that supports this feature.

    I see one of the core goals of the company (number 2 to be exact) wants it's members to be wise about training and not to burn yourself out.  

    "We Rest.

    We listen to our bodies to avoid injury and we inspire in ways other than by being number one. We don't burn ourselves out. We enjoy our recovery days because they too tell our story on Strava"

    Interesting how Fitness and Freshness tries to estimate your chronic and acute training impact along with your time of rest to make sure you don't over-train.  Yet Strava does not want to provide an estimate to assist it's running members in achieving 'balance' with the stress we put our bodies through.

    I've given this thread too much lip-service simply because I'm amazed at the lack of support for this feature.  I love the connections I make on this site and it' has many merits as an application.  


  • Have you heard of a utility called tapariik? Give it a Google, it can sync between multiple platforms (i used it to transfer from endomondo to strava)

  • While that's understandable... even the TrainingPeaks sort of HR/pace renders a more accurate reading than bike only (if you're also a runner). 

    For example... I did an adventure race last weekend where the bike was only an hour, but the run was the hardest 4 miles I've ever cranked out - in the red the entire time. And yet... My fitness/fatigue has it basically as a recovery ride when really my fatigue should have shot way up. 

    And it sounds like I'm far from the only one who is frustrated at the worthlessness of it in our case....

  • Strava is positioned for use by cyclists, runners, swimmers and triathletes. In fact, we have bike application. But with the additional reduced functionality for other athletes.

    It seems that this problem is on the back burner in the department of fanatical cyclists. It may make sense to transfer the task to running part of your team.

  • If, as you write, "there are no plans to add run data to the current Fitness & Freshness feature", you should at least remove the misleading contradictory statement "This feature is currently only available to cyclists, but we hope to make it accessible to runners soon." from the Fitness description.

  • I finally cancelled my premium on the back of this issue, got myself zwift membership instead (slightly more than strava premium) and now my turbo sessions aren't as boring. 

    Simple solution people is to stop paying for strava, the premium features are clearly broken and not worth anything. Strava may listen to your wallets (or not)

  • Well it wasn't a bluff, my subscription went back to basic on the 17th.  I was a premium member since June 2013.

    To be honest, I'm not missing any features Strava offered since I was "only" running...


  • Since it sounds like Strava has no interest in adding this feature I'll probably drop my Premium membership.

  • I just cancelled my Premium subscription due to the Fitness & Freshness issue. Maybe I'll be back when they finally implement it.

  • Still want this.

  • I'm stopping my premium membership just by this.

  • As Premium Payers we have been strung along for at least 2 years now with the hope of having this feature added soon!!!! I am extremely disappointed that now we are being told that us multi-sport athletes, who have been funding this site, don't really matter!

    The reason I have kept my Premium membership is primarily due to the fitness and freshness tracking, but this feature has been and is still essentially useless in its current form. Multi-sport athletes need a cross training measurement for prepping for important race events.

    I would be fine with a simple heart rate based effort factor being used to adjust the graph for run workouts. It does not have to be highly accurate, as the graph is all relative to the efforts involved.

    With this recent "You'll get nothing and like it" response, I am now forced to migrate to another provider (probably Training Peaks https://app.trainingpeaks.com) that actually cares about multi-sport athletes and their needs and goals. Here is what your own website touts on the features page:

    Track & Analyze

    Track all your runs, rides and cross-training too. Upload your activities from your Garmin, Android or iPhone and Strava will automatically log all your workouts.

    It is unfortunate that the voices of all of these Premium Members has fallen on deaf ears. Apparently we will not be missed when we stop paying for development of all of the cycling only features.

  • ... and it is why I canceled my premium membership... 

  • I've been trialling SportTracks.com. It's the same price as Strava, half the price of Training Peaks, and does pretty much the same as Training Peaks. Bye bye Strava...hello Value for Money!

  • It's been 3 years. You'd think the team would've had ample of time to quantify our feedback and prioritize this development by now.

    Instead you fail to respond to any of the questions. I feel sorry for you Elle. The team has failed you completely and you're the one taking the heat. I'm not mad at you.

    How ever, your comment does not change my opinion about Strava. I have warned my running friends and family, going premium for a runner is really a bad idea. You get nothing, absolutely nothing, for your money if you are a runner.

  • It is so late that it almost feel like never... but glad to see that you finally decided to implement it. I'm sure that the fact that StravistiX already provides a free Chrome plug-in to do exactly what has taken Strava over 2 years to do has been an encouragement...

  • So 1 month since the last offical update so any update on how the testing is going?

  • Hi. I'm looking forward to when this feature is made available to all sports with HR data. Any update on when it will be available? The description on the fitness & freshness page says it will be available to runners soon (it has said this ever since i became a premium member in late 2015)