Label Laps in Strava workouts for interval training

I do an interval session every week for running and its a good way to build up speed.  we might do 1km reps with 1k jogging recovery.  i record this all as one run warm up and everything and i just click lap at the begging and end of each part.  

so what if you were able to rename the laps.  you could call lap 1 a warm up and lap 2 an interval and lap 3 recovery etc.  that way you could actually see how fast you did each interval.  perhaps that part would become a different colour on your run then.  

you might ask 'y can't i then go and make a session before and send it 2 my watch'  Garmin already has this feature on their website i am not sure about other brands.  Strava is about analysing and comparing your runs/cycling/what ever else you do, so i don't think this would work.  

i think its a good idea way do you guys think.  



  • I think this is a great idea Daniel! Thanks for sharing. 

  • As someone who is about to get a watch basically for this purpose. Yes.

  • thanks for your support guys.  tell me if you have any other ideas to do with this topic and give it a like to spread the word :D

  • Good idea although I think just flagging the warm up and warm down would be enough