Mobile App support for indoor (non-GPS) recording

The Strava App for iPhone/Android does not currently have many features in place for stationary trainer or indoor recording. The App requires a valid GPS signal to record data, and will not be able to record good data when indoors with a weak GPS signal. For now, you can always enter your stationary/indoor metrics in a Manual Activity entry within the App or on the Strava website.

If we choose to better support stationary/indoor workouts in the future, what kinds of integrations, support, and features would you like to see on the Strava mobile app? 

Some suggestions we've heard before: 

- Tag activities as stationary trainer from the mobile app

- Fix issues with viewing indoor/non-GPS activities from the mobile app (there are display issues with the data currently)

- Manual entry for Heart Rate, Power and Cadence to an indoor activity.

- Support recording indoors with no GPS signal with ANT+ or BTLE accessories, such as Heart Rate monitors, Cadence and Power meters via the mobile app. 

- Enter an approximate or estimated distance to an existing activity for cycling done on a stationary trainer without a speed sensor (similar feature suggestion here).

Please send us your feedback and ideas. Thanks! 



  • I use the Wahoo Fitness app and it syncs straight to Strava, which is great apart from the fact that the miles are not listed against your MTS which means although Strava will log your miles there is no point in joining the MTS as nothing is logged against it, which is really sad as most of my training in the winter is done on my turbo
  • Yea, so......3 years, lots of requests, lots of lost revenue due to members leaving for other update and no progress.

    SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU CANNOT ADD TIME AND HEART RATE TRACKING???and oh dare we ask for mileage and cadence,

    But simply enough.....indoor trainer support of any kind would be great.....Do you listen to these comments? Seems not.

    I may simply become one of the "dropped my premium membership and went back to ______ app due do indoor trainer support"


    Otherwise great app, but.......

  • The new Keiser m3i bike has Bluetooth. It would be great if I could log my workouts directly in Strava when using these bikes.

  • Dropping my premium subscription too, since this app useless in the off-season.

    Shame you've had feedback on this for two years and haven't done a single thing to improve it.

    I'm very disappointed ...

  • Okay Strava, I let my Premium membership expire last month and I have no intention of starting it again until at least next spring.  This is because it's useless during the winter months without the ability to record indoor activity.

    It is a shame because i like the rest of the app and would continue to be a premium member if it had the ability to record indoor activity.

    I wonder how much revenue you are losing because you won't add this feature?  I guess not enough to make it worth the effort yet.

  • I recently took my Garmin 520 with me to an indoor cycling class, to record my HR so that I could view my suffer score.

    When I uploaded it, I noticed that it showed 0 distance, with no way to edit it either in the app, or on the website.


    In the end I had to download the .tcx file and edit the last <distance> tag with the correct value, and then re-upload it. 


    Clearly the ability is there within the software to display HR, and distance. 

    It would be very useful if you could just record HR, and then manually set the distance.


    The same could then be used for indoor rowing, as is mentioned a few times across the Strava Zendesk.

  • Decided to try premium this winter. Very disappointed that trainer rides don't count toward Challenges.

    Thought I would complete a few and splurge on a jersey as reward. Apparently you don't agree. 

    Shame really as I have been using the app for years now and felt it was time I supported Strava financially. Today I shut off the auto renewal.

    All the data, stats, power and suffer score I already get through the trainer so theres no reason to pay for premium. 

    I'll check back periodically to see if this changes.


  • I created an Excel application that takes .CSV files of treadmill runs from the Wahoo fitness app (recorded on treadmill mode), prompts you for the lap distances, and then exports a .TCX file that you can import into Strava which has distance/pace data.  If you'd like to give it a try you can download it here:

    I am by no means a computer programmer, just someone who uses Excel for work.  I am sure that someone with any level of computer programming training could make something much better.  Hint: Strava should probably be the one doing this, not the users.  

  • Had the same problem, and I found a solution for Android:

    All you have to do is make the app think that you are moving, and you can do this by providing a fake GPS coordinates.

    This can be achieved using an App I found in the Google Play Store: Lockito

    You choose point A on the map, then choose point B, then set the speed you are traveling at, and click play.

    Once you open Strava, or any other map - it will think you are moving.

    The app requires to enable developer options on your phone, then in the developer options to allow mock locations.

    Simple and working.


  • My solution for indoor cycling was to use Wahoo fitness. This app allows you to export your workouts to Strava, Training Peaks, RideGPS, Garmin Connect and on and on.

    Since Strava requires GPS data, you can't use it for indoor training. Period...until they fix the app to allow tracking of workouts without GPS you shouldn't bother using it for indoor workouts.

    My solution: This may or may not work for you but I use Wahoo fitness app since that allows you to set up different workout types (hiking, weights, cycling, running) and you can have settings for each workout type. For indoor cycling I turn off GPS and set my data sources to bluetooth HR monitor & Wahoo Blue SC device. The Wahoo Blue SC sends speed and cadence to your phone. In my situation I only can record speed since there is only a front wheel on my spin bike.

    If you are lucky enough to have a trainer where you are using your bike then you can collect speed and cadence!

    Now when you complete an indoor ride you have that data recorded and can save it to strava! I posted this on my blog last year.

  • I've let my premium subscription lapse. I was really digging the ability to track my fatigue/fitness/form  on Strava, but I have to ride indoors during the winter and cant track my suffer score without GPS signal.

    I guess Strava is not really committed to it's competitive customers after all...

  • I cancelled my premium subscription in early 2015. I have tried several other fitness tracking apps since and finally found one not only tracks indoor activities, but has a great interface. I am know using Sports Tracker as it meets all my requirements.
  • Ummm, Emily.
    Create a mode that disables gps tracking, and simply tracks the Time/Speed/Cadence/Heart Rate in a graph.

    It's pretty simple, everyone's doing it......or continue to lose money.
  • thanks Rolan!

    Lockito does the trick for me - awesome. How sad that you have to fake GPS coordinates though...

  • Basic feature: let the app run without GPS but still record bluetooth HR. Doesn't need to be fancy. I think this feature alone would make many many users happy. HR data for indoor activities - yahoo!

    I tried using the app on the stationary trainer yesterday with autopause off and it worked - must have been because I had a GPS signal. However, tried it today and it didn't continue recording time - Must have been weak or nonexistent signal today.

  • I feel Strava has got too big to care about it's users anymore. It's 2016, fix this basic issue! Give us a timeframe, anything!

  • As per a number of comments here, one simple thing you need to do is allow a ride to easily be tagged as a stationary trainer ride from the mobile app. We can do this for commuting so why not allow the same for Stationary Trainers (you can do it via the web interface but on an iPhone you can't even resuze to see the Save button) #mobilefirst?
  • Is this even on Strava's radar at this point?  A known issue (and a fairly basic one at that) going on 2yrs old...  Strava already works with ant+ sensors, it already detects them and records the data, just allow an indoor (non-gps) mode.  Heck, people trying to conserve phone battery may like the ability to record data outside without using GPS, assuming they have the appropriate sensors.

  • This is such an obvious requirement that I was looking to see how to do it, not IF I could.  I suppose Strava was originally built around a GPS feed, but it can't be impossible to construct a pseudo gps from the ant+ stream - can it?

  • Hello Strava... hello hello. Wow, it really is telling about Stravas commitment to its product and customers that it cant or wont address any of the comments to this thread. 

  • Hello Strava... hello hello. Wow, it really is telling about Stravas commitment to its product and customers that it cant or wont address any of the comments to this thread. 

  • I refer you to my previous comment. What a joke.

  • The two items i am interested in are:

    1)  adding a tag (much like the commute tag) that can be tapped in the app. Currently i have to go up to my computer to change the ride to trainer, should be able to do it from the phone app.

    2) why aren't calories calculated when doing a stationary ride? all of the heart rate data is there, so a rough estimation should be pretty easy.



    garett burke

  • Treadmill + HR monitor = disappointment


    Frustration 1: Strava has the data but just won't let me save it? Really?

    Frustration 2: Is there no developer feedback? A timeline?

    Frustration 3: I specifically bought the Wahoo Ticker because Strava recommended it. I feel gipped.


    Takeway: Gonna use the Wahoo Fitness App as someone else suggested.

  • Dear missing Strava support/devs. 

    I have now quit using Strava and am paying a premium subscription to training peaks. Shame really, because in every other way Strava was superior but the fact that I capture heart rate/power and it won't upload to Strava I order for me to assess fitness/ fatigue is a deal breaker.

    even a statement of time line/roadmap would have probably caused me to stick around. 

  • I would love to see more data for Manual workouts.

    1. Allow entry of the average heart rate, etc.
    2. Have pace analysis and comparisons to other workouts in the same sport/distance. Runkeeper provides data like this, see screenshot. It would be great to compare all my 4 mile runs to my other runs in a similar distance. This will allow me to see how I'm progressing at a given distance, not just for a given route.
    3. Add ability to track indoor workouts using the Apple Watch or other trackers, ignore GPS data, but track HR, and other data that the sensors can provide. Then after it is saved from the watch, allow for editing the distance to match the readout on the treadmill or stationary bike.

  • I'm now using Wahoo Elemnt, Wahoo heart monitor and Cateye cadence and speed for my stationary rides on my CycleOps. When I finish my ride all data uploads automatically and I just click on 'stationary' when in edit mode. My data is then stored as it was during the ride.

    p.s I don't switch GPS off whilst riding, that just causes problems.

    I don't seem to be having any of the problems your all reporting, unless I'm missing something.

    I do agree that the iOS app needs a look at, as I'm unable to click save after hitting the stationary button which is quite annoying, but that is my only complaint.

  • For me Golden Cheetah saves the day! With golden cheetah I can capture HRM, Speed and Cadence and other supported devices via ANT+. I tried to use Wahoo fitness but one issue with that is that it does not export HRM data correctly when trying to export to anything except Strava. Issue with Strava is that once uploaded from Wahoo Fitnes I can not download from Strava if it is not GPS based. It is my data right? The drawback for Golden Cheetah is that you do need to use a computer and you will need to get a ANT+ USB dongle. Plus side is that you can use your computer to watch a video or movie or what ever you want to keep you going! Also you can upload your Golden Cheetah data to strava and or export to other formats.

  • Elle, that's stupid. It's not even hard to do, Strava clearly aren't bothered about their users, as if we didn't know that already.