Export Segment GPX

I see you can export a previous activity to a GPX file.  There is a GPX button inside the map that I press.  However I want to create a GPX file just of a single segment.  I do not see that same option on the segments page as exists on the activities page.  For example, go to http://www.strava.com/segments/5447153.  I would like to see a GPX button here as well.



  • That's one feature i expected as a premium user. Can't be much extra work to get it working. There are third party solutions but it should not be necessary.
    Strava is all about the segments, not the rides :)

  • I have also wanted this feature many times.  

  • No news Strava?

  • This site has potential.  You can take a Strava segment and create a FIT file from it which you can then drop into your Garmin to create a course.


  • Thanks Ed - 

    You can also use this partner sight to export segment data to your Garmin: http://strava-tools.raceshape.com/vpu/

    We don't currently have plans to add this as a feature to the Strava website, so in the meantime please check out these other tools. Enjoy! 

  • So what is the point of a premium membership if we can not get a simple GPX or other files for a segment?  I do a lot of off road riding and I have trouble finding single track or other pathways that starve route builder does not like too much.

  • Raceshape VPU from the link above seems to be dead now- I paste in the link, press "Get Started" and nothing happens. Have Strava blocked this?

  • I see no reason and have no understanding on why Strava would not enable this.

  • I can't believe that it's not possible to export only a segment to GPX! If you download someones ride to follow the route on your device of choice you 99% of the time just want a specific segment and not the whole ride with (for you) irrelevant to and from transports. So a segment export function would make so much more sense. Fix it, please.

  • I just upgraded to premium thinking this was an option, guess I'm going back to a basic membership next month....

  • that'd be very uesful, especially for mtb segments.

  • Reviving this one. This would be SUPER useful for my StumpJump 50K training.

  • Have you tried the race-shape tool?


  • Hi Elle,

    Raceshape does not do what we are asking for (I think?). We want to export a SEGMENT not  a whole course. As far as I know raceshape does not add any extra funtctionality I can't already do on Strava or have I missed somethng obvious?

    As stated earlier it makes much more sense to be able to export segments. Courses often include other riders "to and from" transports to the actual interesting part of their ride. That interesting part is very often a SEGMENT. So again make it possible to export segments to gpx (so that we can load it to our gps-devices and follow it live). Does that not make sense? Or is there a reason for why you aren't adding this function to your site? I can't see why you wouldn't?



  • How can this feature not have been implemented yet? It should be possible to export any segment as a route!

  • this is clearly a hot topic. yes I would have expected that you can automatically export the .gpx of a segment too and I have no idea of why this feature is not part of the site.

    however, we can all create our own routes, and part of that process allows you to 'browse segments' in the area you are planning your route.

    if you wish to include an existing segment in your route, or make a route solely out of an existing segment do the following.

    1) start a new route

    2)click on 'browse segments' on the left hand side menu, and find the segment you are looking for.  it will then appear on your route as a red line.

    3)start your route planning at one end of the segment

    4)end your route at the end of that segment.

    5)save your route

    6)export your route as a .gpx file


  • is this a moderated board?  I posted earlier but it is not displaying.

  • @Ed, nice trick. It's still a "hack" though as you have to trace it manually. Unfortunately the route-buider works pretty badly with mountainbike-trails. The app tries to snap to roads, and that is probably not what you want in those cases. You can also use heat-maps as a guide to find popular trails, works quite ok when you are trying to find popular MTB-trails (still the snapping issue though).
    I am starting to wonder if the new Garmin and Strava live segments "deal" has something to do with Strava's unwillingness to enable exports of segments. Still I can't understand why.

  • Indeed, creating a GPX file from a Segment is a feature thats missing in Strava (at least the pro version) and all the other tools do not work satisfiingly.

    With this post I make an official implementation request to the Strava team and ask kindly for a release date.



  • I'd also like to see this feature added. It's would be great for creating short segments / rides to export, add elevation to (something which Strava should also do but doesn't) using GPSVisualizer, then use with a smart trainer.

  • So when will be able to get this much needed feature so we can upload segments to virtual trainer programs!

  • STILL no word from Strava on this?

    I suppose we shouldn't be surprised, as Segments is the unique selling point of the app, that they wouldn't want us downloading them all and taking them elsewhere, but it is still disappointing after having subscribed to find this is not a feature- they could (and should) be clearer on this.

    It does demonstrate a bias towards road biking within Strava, as for many of us MTBers we are often  away from a decent data connection to access segments through the app. 

    I also struggle with their un user friendly way of searching routes- why no map, like gpsies? As the biggest of the online mapping providers , Strava should be able to do at least this for us... surely?

  • work around for those who want to export a particular segment:

    1. export your whole ride.gpx (this will be your backup)

    2. CROP you actual ride to match your wanted segment.

    3. export the new CROPPED ride and save it with a different name.

    4. if you want, you can delete the CROPPED ride and import your full ride.gpx from the backup you created from step 1.

    5. save your cropped.gpx into your garmin.

  • 2 years ago and still no answer.....

  • Yea, but we have cool new toys like Beacon, app & web updates for clubs, mentions in comments, and improved activity recording in the app (but what serious cyclist uses the app to record their rides?) Since someone won't get this - I'm being sarcastic here.

    Sorry, but using Strava is for the social aspect of riding, not as a serious training tool. Take it for what it is and log your serious training data elsewhere. And yes, I'm a paying Strava member.

    Meanwhile, we still have...

    • Useless power meter histogram data in 25 watt bins on the web and 50 watt bins in the app. Narrow bins (say, 5 watts) are much more useful.
    • No way to set your FTP by date so the fitness and freshness (training load) chart is a joke.
    • No way to query rides (or at least a chart) for best 20 minute (and other interval) power for rides.
    • No force/cadence graph.
    • And no way to export segment data with elevation as a gpx or tcx file!

    I still pay because of the social aspect, but when it comes to harvesting useful data for training, I sling my data elsewhere.

  • Hello,
    It is possible to download gpx file only for moving time, or u can make my gps only for my moving time? I need to synchronize my ride with video, so i just need only gpx from my moving time.



  • For longer Strava segments it is really a good idea. This is the reason why I am here - just wanted to have permanently visible one of my favorite segments (~ 40 km) on Edge map.

  • Today I needed to download a segment to GPX and was surprised that it isn't possible. 

    So I did a bit of thinking and came up with this:


    Note - it doesn't provide elevation data, but it would be trivial to use one of the many mapping sites out there to take the GPX and add elevation data.

  • this one also works


  • @ Andrew F. and Teunis De Leeuw

    What about for multiple segments--vs. a single segment? Ideally I want to crop a saved route (not an activity) to export sections of it at a time, rather than the whole end-to-end route.