Set Segments as interval training

Produce time, watts etc for a pre set distance, eg Every 10 miles/KM.  On a long ride you will see your performance over each set distance. 



  • Hi John,

    This sounds a bit like planning an interval workout. Is that the type of feature you're thinking of? To plan intervals in advance of your activity, or simply have a way to designate your intervals as segments in your activity after upload? 

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  • Hi, John and Elle!

    I train intervals with runkeeper (audio cues and stuff), download the .gpx from Runkeeper while stretching at home, upload it to Strava, and copy&paste the interval paces from Runkeeper to the comments in Strava. It would be great if I could set the intervals by x km or y minutes and get the paces on each of them instead of having them on each km like now.

    An example of what I get on Runkeeper that I paste to Strava after uploading the .gpx file:

    4.83km - 6:31 
    0:20sec - 4:36 
    2:00min - 6:19 
    0:20sec - 4:00 
    2:00min - 6:06 
    0:20sec - 4:25 
    0:31sec - 11:26

    Thanks!! :-)




    PS: Congratulations for the web and the app. It does push me to train. I love it, although I miss the above feature.

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  • I fully agree with David. It would be great if Strava could create the possibility for interval training like iSmoothRun.

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  • I would like to set interval training segments.  I run 4 minutes fast and walk 1 minute.  Is this feature available with Strava?

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