More filters for Strava global heat map

Thank you for being such an awesome product.

Feature request:
1 - Add filter for "all type of biking", "road biking only", "off-road biking only".
2 - Add filter for specific hours of the day.

3 - Consider swim sessions as activities.


1 - The usefulness of the first feature is self explanatory.  In addition, if there is a way to make a distinction between mountain biking, and cyclocross biking for off-road biking, that would be a great additional feature.

2 - With regard to the second feature, my work schedule is quite hectic lately. Thus I only have free time after work to get my miles in. It would be helpful if I can jump onto strava heat map, and find popular riding route at night. I'm sure I am not the only one running into this problem.

3 - Currently on the athlete profile page (see attached image), strava only take into consideration cycling, and running. Swimming is as important to me as cycling, and running. I'm sure there are a lot of athletes out there who share this view.


Thank you.



  • Definitely interested in heat map filtering support based on "ride type". I am often in new areas and use the heat map to plan a route. I have found myself arriving at gravel roads or mountain bike tracks when I merely wanted a road bike course. The heat maps are a great addition and have aided me significantly in finding routes in new places. Some more robustness in the next iteration would be amazing.

    - As mentioned above, breakdown based on ride type (e.g. mountain/cross/road)

    - Breakdown based on purpose (e.g. commute/training/race) - There are numerous roads around a city with a high usage rate, likely generated by commuters. This has the potential to throw those looking for a training ride onto a busy road.

    - Breakdown by time/day - Seeing the day and or time a road is ridden can help understand traffic flows in a new area (e.g. knowing that an immensely popular route is mostly ridden on a weekend can help mitigate navigating heavy trafficked roads on a week day)

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  • I find heat map brilliant for exploring new areas and finding better routes in my local areas.  However the biggest problem is that more and more off-road strava rides show up on the heat map.  This makes it increasingly harder to be certain the road surface is suitable for a road bike, as what looks like it could be a road based on the heatmap and zooming in on google maps, often is only dirt.
     If there was an option to toggle on/off heatmap for road rides only this would be very useful.  (Maybe in the activity type there should be an option for road or mountain bike ride to help this)

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  • Another great filter would be time of year. With the rise of fat bikes the winter is opening up as a time to ride for those of us in the northern parts of the world. If we could see a heat map of where people ride on snow it would be a huge help when planning your own ride.

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  • Awesome idea but its hard to find MTB routes with all these roadies everywhere, these are totally distinct sports. At least MTB's can cycle on roads, you guys hit a trail and its game over. May as well combine running with canoeing or something and watch the runners fall into a river.

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  • I would also add a filter for direction of travel (down/up/any). 

    Rationale: when searching for new MTB trails it is often important to see if it is usable for climbing or it is downhill only.

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