Feedback for the Flyby feature

Move check boxes for rider from table on the left to be on the actual rider themselves.  As it is right now it is clunky to find the person and then scroll through a list of names. 

Indicate direction of travel of the flyby.  Helps identify the person or people you want when there are groups out.

Add a 'select all' box.



  • Thanks John! This is a great suggestion. We'll see what we can do. 

  • You'll need to add a way to get at people that end up under other riders icons which may be why they did the list.

    Direction of travel could just be a slight change to the icon shape from round to slightly squared off on one side to make a bit of an arrow.
  • Wo kann ich die Flyby Funktion deaktivieren? Unter Privatsphäre habe ich den Punkt nicht gefunden. Waere Schade, wenn das nicht eingerichtet werden würde!!! So haette ich keinen Spass mehr daran :-( !
  • Thanks @little bird. This is something we are discussing internally. 

  • I see the select all was added, thank you!

    But now how do I remove all?!  Would be ideal if the Select All button were a toggle, not a one way button.

  • The feature worked one or two times, but I can't get the flyby application any more. I enter the Id and the site gives an error message.


  • Thanks for the report Karl - I see that you have an open support ticket with us, and I'll let our team troubleshoot there. 

  • Firstly, the flyby feature is great :-)

    Just a suggestion for improvement (if it's not already been made) - can you add a filter for activity type. For example, so I can filter runners only (or cyclists).

  • I need indicator for FLYBY in the web. Currently I don't see If flybies was running, biking around me. If strava discovered flybies around me the You can add icon next to Flyby button onthe web portal.


  • I have several privacy concerns about flybys. I think that you need to address them.

    Take an analogous example: Can you imagine if someone could look up the exact route that every driver they encountered took? There are lots of nuts out there, and this would take road-rage to a whole new level.

    I'm not an expert, but I suggest that you add the ability to only have followers see you on flybys. I'm sure you can come up with other privacy settings too.

  • Brilliant feature! (But I agree with the comment about privacy. Maybe needs an opt-in.)

    How about a 'deselect all' - once you've selected, the screen gets very full up.


  • Fun to use Flyby after a race, but it would be useful to adjust the start time to be able to compare two riders that did not start the race at the exact same time. Maybe a "compare from start option", where the participants opted were shown side my side in the beginning of the race. I guess a "set start point" option has to be added as well.

  • Thank you for the continued feedback about Flyby.

    In regards to Privacy concerns specifically - We are appreciative of the feedback we've received and are currently working on a solution to address these concerns. I'll be able to provide more specifics in a week or two. Thanks for your patience.

  • I am not pleased that the Flyby feature allows users to see who they passed, followed, etc. This is very stalker-ish. Even though I have my privacy setting set as high as you allow, a person can still scope out who I am. Can you please allow people to opt out of this feature for safety sake? If not I will no longer be uploading to Strava.

  • Any update on the privacy concerns yet? Thanks in advance.

  • We recently released an opt-out of Flyby. To enable this, go to your Settings on -> Privacy -> "Who Can See Your Activity on StravaLabs Flyby?"

  • The distance indicators are always in Miles, even though my preference settings are for metric Km. Can you accommodate my preferences in flyby?

  • Regarding Flyby and Privacy

    I have a PRIVATE account, yet some guy stalked me via Flyby and posted a "Comment" on my ride.  The "Comment" was confrontational in nature.

    Obviously this individual has some personal issues to sort out, but in the meantime, will Strava please take the privacy of its user more seriously.  This is an egregious oversight and I'm not happy about it.

    I'm a Premium Member, and if this happens again, I'm out.  Hopefully, disabling who can see my rides via Flyby works.


  • @Sam - Thank you for your feedback. Please note that the Enhanced Privacy setting does not opt you out of FlyBy to non-followers. Users can still see where you ride or fun via Flyby even if they do not follow you. The only way to remove activities from Flyby is to make activities private or opt out of Flyby by going to your Strava Privacy Settings here

  • I log my rides to and from work as one ride, because it's noisy in feeds otherwise. There is about a ten hour gap in the middle usually which a) shows up as dead time and b) means all of the correlation scores max at about 2%. Is there a way to exclude non-riding time from the flyby feature?

  • Flyby is an invasion of privacy.  I feel very uncomfortable that any body can see my start destination and stop destination.

  • @peter, there are three different ways to have that not happen 1) turn off flybys 2) crop your rides 3) don't use strava (which is essentially a social network that shows where you ride). Since you've not done any of these things, you've chosen to have this information out there (granted, maybe d/t not knowing in the case of turning it off), that's not an invasion of privacy.
  • If you see the "no Flyby data found" message, it means you've enabled the Privacy setting so that "nobody" can see your data via this feature. 

  • Fantastic app and especially like the Flyby feature.

    Whenever I access it, however, it opens a new page, plays my ride and surrounding riders just as it should BUT it always logs me out when opening the new page. I get a message asking me to Join Strava. It's not a problem actually; maybe it's suppose to work this way. Just seems odd; thought I'd mention it.

  • I'd like to be able to export the animation.  This is seriously fun for sharing on social media, why not make it easy? (it would promote Strava).  If the Animation could be exported as a .GIF or .MOV or .MPG file it would be very cool

  • Great idea Peter! I've gone ahead and passed it along to the Engineer here who created Flyby and he's looking into it. 

  • My flyby isnt working for a while now. He keeps loading and shows the map of africa. How can i fix this?

  • Hi I notice that people that I have attended a ride with are not always put in to the FlyBy. Could there be a way to select your Strava friends EG the "I'm Following" and do a flyby when the same event.

    Or be able to enter a list of activity numbers and watch a flyby/ comparison of them. EG 534102561 vs 534151635 of me and a friend on same track doing different length rides. Or rides of the same course and compare my last years ride activity number with this years ride, etc.

  • It would be good to be able to switch the background of FlyBy between Map and Satellite view


  • I got this message in one of my activities:

    Error: Match data was not found for this activity. Please try again shortly as we are calculating this for you.

    I waited for a few days to see if it calculated, but the message is the same until now.


    This was a marathon I ran last Sunday. I think the system is having some issue because there was a lot of runners in this race, and there were 3 starts with 10 minutes between each one. I was in the 2nd group. The guys in the 1st group have their flyby working fine. For example:

    @Elle Anderson, can you take a look at this issue, please?