KOM's per age

I suggest that crowns are made in different colours and should appear on daily rides per age. I had several times discovered that behind a PR I have the best time in my age group. In my age I will never get KOM's against younger riders and it will never appear for others that I'm the fastest in a certain segment in my age. Ex.: All time yellow Next age group orange Next age group blue And so on


  • I'm a relatively younger "clydesdale" rider who constantly sees older, sometime much older stick thin cyclists producing faster times. I guess it's a matter of perspective, but similar to how I didn't really like the idea of "2015 KOM" yearly awards, some might say it starts to water down the meaning of awards when everyone gets them and can mask true all-time achievements.

    Then again I wouldn't mind seeing activity/bike-type specific awards for a segment (such as road or MTB times on the same segment) so I can see your point and if it gives you something to work towards and motivates the individual athlete perhaps it's a good idea, just like those "yearly" awards. At least if you want to see how you did on a segment compared to your age group there are age-filtered leaderboards available if you have a Premium membership. There's currently no way to even view different leaderboards by bike types.

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  • I agree too, but perhaps the number of trophies ought be limited to the podium, as my suggestion:  Age Group KoM's, Qom's & Podium Trophies:

    As link:  https://strava.zendesk.com/entries/69224100-Age-Group-KoM-s-Qom-s-Podium-Trophies

    Also, I think there ought be more age groups as my second suggestion: Add Additional Age Groups Such As: 65 -70, 70 - 75, 75 - 80, Possibly More or Less, as Appropriate

    As link: https://strava.zendesk.com/entries/69224400-Add-Additional-Age-Groups-Such-As-65-70-70-75-75-80-Possibly-More-or-Less-as-Appropriate-





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  • At 57 years young & still very competitive with times in my age group to be able to get a KOM within my age group would be a great addition. No way known I will ever get to the times that some of the younger riders achieve, so to be recognized as the best in your age group would be a very valuable addition to Strava & I am sure that it would enhance the membership as well.

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  • Surely the "King" or "Queen" is the fastest OVERALL time? You can already filter segments based on age.
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  • I agree!  Distinguish age group segment PR's somehow.

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