Mapbox Satellite view lacking high resolution imagery

The satellite view is missing a lot of close up shots of Australia. This makes it nearly impossible to see what trails people were on because there isn't a high enough resolution to view the actual trails. For example, try zooming in on Melbourne, Australia to a usable level.

Additionally, double right click to zoom out now brings up a menu instead of zooming out.  This makes the interface much less user friendly.


If Strava is going to persist with Mapbox, can we at least have the option to revert to Google satellite view?



  • Thanks for the feedback Matt! We will factor this in as we move forward. 

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  • yeah, this is pants. because i cant see sat view on my iphone app, i have to use the web. now this doesn't work! really unimpressed by STRAVA. I know there are bigger problems in the world but this makes me sad :( Please can you resolve this asap.

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  • This is absolutely essential.  One thing Strava has always struggled with is off-road routes.  The way to get round this has previously always been top switch to satellite view, on which you can see trails etc.  Now the entire area I live has no imagery of any use whatsoever.

    Please, please, please bring back Google's imagery.  Or if not that, use Bing's.... in fact, if you could switch to Bing and access the Ordnance Survey layer in the UK, that would be amazing, but I suspect there would be licensing issues for that!

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