New Run Activity Pages

Please leave us your comments and feedback for the new Run Activity pages here.

Great news, runners: your new run activity page on is now live. We spoke to tons of you about what is important when viewing your activities and those of others, and have incorporated your needs and experiences as runners into this new page. 

Some of the new features:

  • Social Bar: We added a social bar to the top of the page, putting your activity title, description, comments, kudos, Instagram photos, and other athletes on your run front and center.
  • Sharing Module:  Easily share your run to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email, or embed in your blog from the sharing module located at the top, left-hand corner of the page.
  • Key Stats: Distance, time, average pace and elevation are located between the Social Bar and Elevation & Performance Chart. Your mile/km splits from your run are located on the right-hand side of your activity map.
  • Top Results: Get a snapshot of your achievements for the run, including any goals you have accomplished, PRs for best efforts, and segment achievements. 
  • Elevation & Performance Chart: We’ve vastly improved the visual interaction for reviewing and scrubbing all your activity details. Use the cursor to look at your pace, elevation, grade adjusted pace and grade at any point during your run.
  • Premium Analysis: We've rolled out changes to the Pace analysis and distribution, including the new analysis specific to a race. Now you can designate a run activity as a "Race" and get interactive and granular data such as race splits and projected finish times. 
  • Segment Efforts, Stats & Comparison: We’ve optimized the Segment Efforts within your activity so you can quickly scan your most meaningful achievements. We display key stats of your effort along with your leaderboard ranking. And when you’re looking at another athlete’s segment effort, you’ll be able to compare your PR against theirs.

Some of the changes: There are aspects of the run activity pages that are not currently available, with some of these aspects scheduled to return, redesigned, at a later date:

  • Viewing the Performance Chart with 'time' as the x-axis: The new performance chart is set with 'distance' as the x-axis, and we plan to re-add the option to switch to 'time' in the near future (coming soon). 
  • Lap data from a Garmin device: Will now be visible underneath the Segments view in the left sidebar for Free and Premium users.
  • Segment Comparison: The ability to compare your segment effort with your PR and/or the CR for the segment has been removed, and will return after a redesign incorporating the features from
  • Run "Score": The run intensity score that appeared previously under the Analysis tab is no longer available, but will return when the calculation is more accurate. 
  • GAP for mile splits: We're currently working on our algorithm for GAP. Once the algorithm is improved, GAP split data will be displayed on our new Premium Pace & Race Analysis pages.
  • Best Efforts: The technology available used to generate Best Efforts was not up to our high standard of accuracy. Due to this, we will continue to display any PRs you receive for the next few weeks, but then we will turn off Best Efforts in its current form. Over the next few months, we'll continue to explore innovative and relevant ways to bring this feature back to all users once it has reached our high standards of accuracy. We apologize for this change.

Some Known Issues:

  • FIXED Performance Issues: We're hard at work improving the performance issues that have been reported. Improvements coming soon.
  • FIXED Hidden Segments: Hidden segments will be re-adding this week (we still need to add the ability to hide and unhide segments)
  • FIXED Elevation Correction for your Run: Will be re-added very soon.


  • How can I see my Best efforts such as 5k or 10k times now, they seem to no longer be available?

  • Looks great!  Are manual lap times still available, though?  They used to be in a "Laps" tab next to segments, but I can't find them anymore.

  • The new layout and elevation/performance graph are great. But I have the same question as David A. above -- where are lap times? Those are crucial for interval workouts and the like.

  • The same doubt as David asks, I have just upload an intervals activity but I'm not able to see any lap.


  • You guys really need to allow separate HR zones for cycling and running.  

  • I'd also like to be able to see the best efforts. I want to look at my 10K PR which I set in a half marathon, and I can't seem to do that anymore.

  • Ditto other comments, need lap times and run PRs.  Laps are critical to my runs as I separate out my true run and cool down.  Lastly, not sure it's specific to the new page, but I'd also like to see a stack ranking of by run times (PR and others) similar to how I can see all my Bike segment times.

  • The "unpopular" segments no longer show up.  First off the classification of "most popular" segments seamed arbitrary before but at least they were a link away.  Now they are no longer to be found on the activity page.  

  • Ditto, need manual lap times/details.

    Also elevation total doesn't seem to show up in the overview top bar, can we have that back?

  • Strava also got rid of all elevation data, the main data I am interested in.  There is no longer total elevation gained or elevation per mile.  Strava literally just crippled itself with this one.  This update has done nothing but make me look at the alternatives to Strava.

  • I agree - this redesign removes lap details (which is the thing I use most for run workouts) and a lot of other useful data mentioned above. I'd much prefer this data over the oversized maps. I really don't want to have to switch from Strava!

  • Hi All - please see the edits made to the article description above. Hopefully it answers a few of your questions. Thanks for the feedback so far!

  • " Total Elevation Gain for the Run: These stats, currently missing from the stats matrix, will return Friday, April 12th and will be located in the box in the upper right of the Activity page. "


    Awesome, that is great to see!  Strava +1

  • Like the new UI but I see 2 features that appear to have been removed?

    -How do we correct elevation?

    -It used to be possible to click and drag a selection of the elevation/performance graph, this is no longer possible?


    Would love to see those 2 things make it back in.  Thanks,



  • So let me get this straight, this "upgrade" has made the following changes:

    -Made the UI "slicker", but not more functional

    -Removed highlighting (in green) of the segments from the display.

    -Removed the ability to zoom in on sections of the activity.

    -Removed the time x-axis until "some date in the future".

    -Removed the lap functionality and put it behind a paywall (Premium).

    -Removed segment comparison until "some date in the future".

    -Removed Run Score until "some date in the future".

    -Removed the GAP split data and put it behind a paywall (Premium)

    -Removed the Run Best Efforts (which worked fine) until "some date in the future" if ever.

    How exactly is this an upgrade that us runners would want? Especially after you "spoke to tons of you about what important when viewing your activities and those of others". I'm just at a loss for how this is anything but a ploy to push people to premium.

  • I'm pretty disappointed by these changes. It looks like I won't renew my premium membership this year. Big bummer. Also, what happened to the calorie computation?

  • Hi - can we please have LAPS returned? such an important feature.. why was this removed???


    Also would love to include a new feature: MAX HR recorded for the session

  • Having issues with the new run page on a Mac/Safari - when the page loads it "freezes" while the data loads into the pace chart at the bottom, or at least that seems to be what is causing it to freeze.  The longer the run the longer the freeze.  For a 22 mile run the page froze for about 30 seconds before I could click any buttons etc.

  • - Only elevation on the Y-axis in the performance chart? need to make pace and other metrics available too.

    - The pace analysis have selected an arbitrary section of my run, for which you get fastest/average/slowest with no way to change the selection? 

    - No slicing and dicing of the performance chart

  • Hi Strava, could we have the overall elevation data back please? I do not see why this has been removed? It is the main data I am interested in. Thanks.

  • "We spoke to tons of you about what is important when viewing your activities and those of others, and have incorporated your needs and experiences as runners into this new page."

    "Lap data from a Garmin device: A new take on Laps will be released in the next week or so and will be located in the Premium Analysis section. In addition, we're currently working on a new Premium "Workout" view that will give you both visual and tabular views into your workout. We expect to finish this work within the next month or so."

    Good job, one of my needs was go to Premium, bravo!

  • finding the "upgrade???" disappointing.  The design for the Elevation and Performance graphs is terrible.  The rescale according to what information is displayed and as there is no scale on the y axis apart from m you can't tell what is going on.  Worse than that they change their zero point in the y axis depending on what is shown.


    For example... look at the attached .png   What's going on with my HR ?  Looks to me that it starts nearish zero ? and, in fact only varies by about 20%.

    totally useless. 

    At least give us a y axis scale or better still make the y scale start at zero.

    Back to Garmin Connect until this is fixed

  • Some first impressions (free version), most of them are not positive :(
    - Map is just too small vertically
    - Perhaps because of this I can see only six kilometer splits
    - HR and pace disappeared from the automatic km split table (right to the map). I preferred the old table view with all data inside
    - Segments view: Missing the avg pace, heartrate, grade% in the table view. These are seen only when I select the segments one-by-one. Why clicking so many times?
    - VAM is missing from this version
    - Selection (zoom) does not work for me on the elevation and performace graph

    for the future:
    - Elevation Plus _and _ elevation minus would be nice (e.g. within a km lap or in a segment)

  • Hi,


    I think there is quite a bit of lost functionality now with this page. You may be trying to push users to the premium membership but you will loose many more from the freemium side of things as you dont offer anything better than garmin connect.


    - One of the best functions I enjoyed was the ability to select a part of the course on my own and others graphs to go to a small section (such as seeing what a friends heart rate was over a climbing section of a route we did)

    - The graphs arent overlayed any more, this makes them smaller

    - Highlighting of where the segments are has been removed


    Is there a way we can continue to use the old page in the interim until you have completed the new platform? I know agile is the new way of developing software but this is several steps backward it seems...


  • Ouch!!!

    Please, please don't do this to rides - works just great as it is - this 'upgrade' is pretty useless...much less user friendly - more clicks needed to see leaderboards for instance. 

    It's very slow and freezes on Mac/safari.

  • This upgrade has removed many of the things I found useful or fun about Strava for runs.  I've been pushed to use Training Peaks, Beginner Triathlon and (ugh) even back to Garmin Connect to look at/analyze my swim data.  Now I have to do the same for my runs (try analyzing a 10x400m track workout - which is something, for instance, runners actually do, with this "upgrade").  If I have to use other sites to view/review/analyze two of the three sports in which I participate, I am leaning toward discontinuing my Strava Premium account.

    So, this feels almost like a push to both get people to buy Premium and/or get runners off the site in favor of cycling (which I also do and like Strava for, just not sure it's worth the hassle of uploading to SO many sites to see what all else I do).

    Hard to believe that this is what runners (and I consider myself a fairly representative runner) actually asked for.

    Strava, what say you?

  • I posted below at but also adding here to keep all such comments together and also because feel you have got this a bit wrong as want to be sure you see all the comments.


    I'm normally all for change but this change seems to have taken out more things than put in and am really disappointed with it. If you asked tons of runners, strange that so many here seem disappointed. Wish I was asked!

    The main reason I liked Strava is segments and the social element of going for CRs. Plus it changed the way I do some interval sessions as now the intervals were the segments and the bits in between recovery. This change seems to have relegated segments and particularly segment analysis to minor features and reverted to a traditional view of a run as an even effort. I can happily go to Garmin Connect for that. If you are going to take that approach with the cycling pages it will be even worse as those guys like to have tea breaks and all sorts!

    Where, for instance, can we now find:
    Heart rate profile in a segment.
    Visual of segments through a run - helps to know where they are and where you might want to add ones to fill gaps.
    Comparison "dot racing" with leader and/or your previous runs.
    Big maps - the ones with the segments are tiny and there is no full screen option.
    Lap splits (e.g. from Garmin) (TG: looks like this may be rectified shortly)

    Tonight I did a 10 mile run but hit a 1.7 mile segment hard in the middle to try and take a CR. Mile splits are then meaningless as I just was not running even effort through the run but that's really all I am seeing in this new release.

    On the overview graph, why do I have to turn on HR and cadence to see them. If I did not want to see these I would leave the things off! Separating the graphs might be "clean" but then much harder to say compare speed and GAP. Now they just look the same.

    i tried the race analysis on my last 10K. The race analysis is quite nice but again seems to imply a traditional view of an activity starting and stopping gun to tape. With segments you could include some warm up and down in one activity and not be too worried about it as you could use a segment to capture to race part plus I found it was annoying to miss your Strava 10K PB when the GPS distance was a fraction short and so best to include a bit extra.

  • This really does suck the big one. Just smacks of Style Over Function. 

    If this is implemented for cycling I think a lot of cyclists will hate the fact that the segment leaderboards have been downgraded to basically a second tier feature, for many they are the reason Strava they use Strava and not another site.

    Long live the leaderboards, without them Strava, as we know, is finished, and we're left with a fancy Garmin Connect. Noooooooooooooo!

  • Thanks for chiming in! Some answers to your questions and feedback:

    • To expand the map while in the 'Overview' of a run, mouse over the three scroll bars under the map, and click and drag down. You can expand the map vertically as much as you would like. 
    • You can now find your average heart rate for the run activity underneath the Performance Chart.
    • Average Heart Rate for each Segment Effort analysis is also available on the right hand side underneath average pace for the Segment Effort. In the Segment Effort performance chart, heart rate data will appear in the window when scrubbing (dragging the mouse along the graph) but will not appear as a line in the chart. 
    • You can still get a visual of where a segment occurs in a run: When you click on a segment the map will highlight the segment in blue, as it did before.  

    Michael: I will ask about elevation correction, and see original article post for info on Performance chart zoom. 

    Brett: Calories for your runs will be returning soon. 

    Jacob: When zooming on the Premium Pace Analysis, you can move the zoom section by clicking and dragging the box just below on the elevation chart. 

    Andrew: Overall elevation gain is coming back shortly. 

    Ferenc: You can expand the map - see above. VAM is a cycling feature only!

    Findlay: Performance chart zoom to select a portion of your run is coming soon. See above - we do still show where segments are on the map if you are in the 'Segments' view. 

    Rob & Mark: What version of Safari are you running? Are the new run pages still slow?

    Matthew: interval workout features are in the works!

    Tim: The segment comparison view has been removed, as well as Garmin lap splits. You can see the information at the beginning of this article for more explanation. 

    Thanks, and keep the feedback coming. 

  • Yes pages still slow - Safari 6.0.2 and Chrome 26.0.1410.65 both on Mac OSX 10.8.2

    It is the chart at the bottom of the page, the rest of the page freezes while that chart is loading. If you toggle on/off any of the metrics like HR it freezes again while that metric loads.  Also you have a UI issue with those toggle buttons in Safari - toggle one off and the button isn't rendered correctly.

    Surprised this all got through your testing!